Bone Support for My Dog Shadrach

Arthritis Support for My Dog ShadrachOver the last few months I’ve been dealing with my sweet canine boy, Shadrach’s ailments that I feel I brought about. Yes, he was a horribly physically abused puppy, nearly starved to death when he came home with us. While I knew about natural care for humans, my natural pet care was lacking but Shadrach has taught me much 🙂

Over the years he’s taught me he only likes to eat raw meat and bones, and he prefers a natural preventive care not wrought with vaccines. He used to run from me when I tried to put topical flea & tick prevention on him and I don’t blame him one bit. As I learned and adapted, I went on a mission to share what I’ve learned with others which is why Aspenbloom Pet Care was born.

Shadrach suffered a fall last summer down an arroyo, and I had also been having him run with me on my daily run for a year. It’s not a good idea to run his particular breed, a Neo Mastiff. Well you add all these things together -abuse and malnourishment as a puppy, vaccines, kibble-fed (for a while), running, and the fall down the arroyo and now he has arthritis in his hips and right elbow. We’ve been on a journey to discover what will give me my youthful, sweet, funny, sassy dog back in place of the sleeping giant who is grumpy. Well we have it right here for you! Young Living has once again proven to me they have the absolutely BEST supportive products on the market today! I’m not kidding -using ourselves and our Shadrach as guinea pigs is proof enough for me. So here is what I use for him to relieve him of discomfort and to give him a quality of life I believe all our furred and feathered ones deserve:

Raw meat & bones with one drop of Di-Gize essential oil blend in the AM and one capsule of Longevity in the evening to support his digestion and aid his discomfort*. This is not a permanent addition to his wellness regimen. Just a resource to help get him back on track.

Fish Oil

Traumeel (homeopathic/herbal remedy from his vet) tablet for a short time. Not something to use indefinitely, but for a time.

BLM by Young Living daily

Weekly Raindrop technique (also by Young Living). This might seem like a lot but natural care is about getting the immune system strong enough to take back over the job.

I also use a variety of essential oils on him which include (I switch them around).

But the crowning glories that have brought me back my youthful puppy though are these two (and if I had to give all the others up, I’d keep these two:

ImmuPro by Young Living
One day of giving Shadrach this tablet and he was bouncing around like a puppy the very next day. Prior to that he was maintaining but not youthful.

ImmuPower essential oil blend by Young Living

And this most wonderful smelling essential oil blend I apply along his spine and hips. I don’t use as much of the other oils now that I have this one and oh the Cistus in it makes it smell heavenly, appropriately since it’s one of the oils of the Bible, better known there as the Rose of Sharon not to mention frankincense. In fact, ALL the oils in this blend were heavily used during Biblical times. This has fast become my favorite blend on so many levels!!!


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