Healing Clays

clayOne of the products that is great for using for humans and animals alike are healing clays. In fact more is being RE-discovered about their healing benefits with resistant staph infections, wound healing, etc. I typically keep on hand Bentonite Clay which I obtain from Mountain Rose Herbs – where else? Bentonite clay is also one I can feel comfortable using with cats which is always a good thing 🙂

An excellent article was written on the quality of clays, their uses, and how to use them on Natural News:
Criteria for Selecting a Quality Healing Clay

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Here is a remedy that my colleague, Dr. Jeannie Thomason, uses for anal sac problems in dogs:

I make a poultice of about 1/2 clay and 1/2 activated charcoal using filtered or spring water and pure Aloe Vera Gel. I then hold it over the rectum and glands or the impacted gland in question for about 15 minutes. I do this several times a day until the glands shrink back to normal or open up to drain. I also UP the bone content of the dog’s diet.

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