Chiropractic and a Raw Diet

ready_for_raindrop_April3_2010_2What a great combination to assist a dog with back issues! If you’ve had a diagnosis for your dog of IVDD (Intervertebral Disc Disease) – which seems to be more common in long-backed dogs such as Dachshunds, Corgis, Basset Hounds, typically the only conventional treatment is surgery. This veterinarian offers some integrative help:

I’ve had several friends support their own dogs using a combination of Raindrop technique, chiropractic, acupuncture, and feeding a raw diet. Of course the raw diet is so the dog’s body will be properly supported and nourished – something it won’t be on processed commercial junk food that comes in a bag or can.

My own dog Shadrach was greatly supported with his structural issues with a combination of the raw diet, weekly raindrop technique and chiropractic care. I believe that the combination is kept him going throughout his senior years. He was able to go for his daily walks up until the day he died as a result. The raindrop also had some nice side benefits which included natural pest control and a calming effect for Shadrach. He always slept so soundly after a raindrop.

The raindrop technique was developed by Gary Young, the Founder of Young Living. If I had to choose any kit to have by Young Living this would be the one. My husband and I do the raindrop technique on each other whenever ANY sort of ailment presents in our home – before it has a chance to take hold in our bodies. It has also assisted us and Shadrach to overcome all of the health challenges we have had and it is also so soothing to experience that I feel it is a gift to share with someone you love. raindrop2

It’s not a panacea as I stated last time about the essential oils, but for my family it is a treasure, a gift we use to help each other be well using what God provided us in nature. By honoring the laws of health, with species appropriate nutrition as the foundation, and then using the natural healing modalities available to us such as chiropractic and essential oils, we can aid the body to do its own healing. Drugs do not and cannot heal, only the body can heal itself and it can only do that when it is properly supported. Synthetic drugs are recognized by the body as foreign bodies that need to be removed and the keep the body too acidic which then sets it up for further ill health. Essential oils are welcomed as they go in and can correct quirks in the body right down to the DNA.

Maybe your dog won’t ever be completely healed from IVDD, but he or she can be supported without the debilitating effects of pharmaceutical drugs and possibly with the avoidance of invasive surgery. I’ve seen the raindrop even reverse nerve damage allowing feeling come back into my friend’s Corgi’s hind legs. Her veterinarian said to keep doing whatever she was doing because whatever it was, it was working. He was an old school veterinarian who only cared about seeing this little dog get well. He didn’t care that it wasn’t his drugs or work that was healing her, he didn’t care about his ego, he just cared that it was working, period.

If anything, I hope this can give you some hope and some additional options.

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Photo Attribution: Shadrach the Neo Mastiff by Dr. Kim Bloomer. Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved.

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