Replacing Chemical Household Cleaners with Natural Ones

6027_622515904431714_1321155547_nOf course this subject has been broached here many times here, but it always bears repeating as a reminder to people that there is always a more natural alternative for keeping your home clean in place of toxic chemical cleaners.

The following article makes some great suggestions and I’m going to add to those as well with my own personal preferences: Natural Antibacterials: Get Triclosan and Other Nasty Chemicals Out of Your Home

The overuse of all these “anti” products have been wrecking their own form of havoc on our health – and not one I care to indulge at this point in my life. “Anti” means against and the word “biotic” means life. So “antibiotic” means “against life“. Against healthy life would be the better translation since what it does allow for are the strongest, most virulent bugs to emerge that are resistant to our chemicals and synthetic drugs.

Going back to basics, and even using what our great grandparents and grandparents did makes far more sense to me. The article above list some products such as hydrogen peroxide (food grade), tea tree essential oils (or Melaleuca oil – YL has the BEST one I’ve ever used!), and grapefruit seed extract – all of which are used and are staples in my home for cleaning. Let me share a few others I use that you can add to your natural household cleaning regimen, and they work far better without the toxic chemical residue left behind with common chemical cleaners that are also dangerous for you and your pets to inhale…yes common chemical cleaners do off-gas and that is not a good thing.

To wash clothes I use an Eco Ball and as a natural deodorizer (which the Eco Ball doesn’t do) I add in some white vinegar. White vinegar is also great for cleaning and disinfecting just about anything from floors to countertops to toilets. And when washing a white load, I add in a capful of Thieves Household Cleaner by YL. I also use the Thieves Cleaner by YL for treating any stains in clothing prior to washing – just pour a tiny bit on to any stain. Additionally I even use the Thieves Cleaner to clean out the washer. My washer has a cycle to clean itself and it calls for bleach but instead of bleach I just put in a couple of capfuls of Thieves Cleaner and the washer itself comes out so clean and no bleach is dumped into my septic system.

For dusting I just mix some olive oil with lemon essential oil by Young Living, and some white vinegar into a spray bottle. It leaves my furniture clean and dust-free as well as chemical free!

Floors are cleaned with Thieves Household Cleaner but we also now have a Shark Steam vac/floor cleaner that cleans with super hot water. The less chemicals you have in your home the better. The essential oils naturally clean, disinfect and also help you as you inhale them rather than hinder and harm your health as chemical cleaners do.

To clean fruit, vegetables and cleaning boards, I mix white vinegar with a little Thieves Cleaner by Young Living, and water in a spray bottle. I also use it to spritz off countertops.

For air fresheners I just mix some essential oils – I vary them – into dark cobalt blue glass spritzer bottles with distilled water. They clean the air and are great to inhale as well for your own health AND your pets.

For a handsoap I simply use Thieves Handsoap by Young Living – it’s great, last long and is very effective without the toxic, harmful chemicals and antibacterials in conventional soaps.

Nature’s ways are best!

If anything, I hope this can give you some hope and some options outside of conventional cleaning products that are not only cheaper, but much more effective, safe, and even healthy for you and your pets.

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