Introducing Meshach the Great Dane Puppy!

supThis post was written in “first dog” by Meshach the Great Dane puppy.

Hello my name is Meshach. Yes of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego fame, woof! My predecessor bequeathed this blog to his successor which happens to be ME! So Mom won’t be blogging here anymore. If you want to read her blogs just go to the American Council of Animal Naturopathy’s Blog and subscribe.

I want to extend my debt of gratitude to Ellen Welk of Animal Insights for redesigning our header for us. She did a grrrreat job I think and she also made sure that Shadrach’s memory was included in the header – after all if it wasn’t for him, this blog wouldn’t even exist! So thank you Shadrach and thank you Ellen, woof!

I am a naturally reared, brindle Great Dane pup, out of the SisCo & Zona Danes lines. Shadrach the Neo Mastiff, who sadly passed away this past April, featured my Mom, Marlo, here last summer AND my aunts and uncles that she used to live with. She’s a beauty! I’ll be featuring my Dad Dalton – he’s on the Zona Dane side of my family.

I want to thank Shadrach for bequeathing me all of his earthly possessions which includes not only this long-time established blog, but also his bed, couch, TOYS, and most especially his humans, woof! They were VERY sad to lose Shadrach and while their home has been VERY clean since Shadrach’s passing, I’ve stepped in to set the world right again with LOTS of puppy messes, toys everywhere, raw meaty bone messes, and especially PEE and and just ONE POOP mess so far on the tile NOT the carpet hehe – remember I’m raw fed so poops aren’t such a big deal as they are with kibble-fed dogs.

Anyway, I’m learning the ropes!

Today my human dad Donnie went outside and didn’t realize I was up, so I HAD to pee at the door. But this is a first for me. In just two days I’ve learned to go to the door so I can go outside to pee – my humans were so proud of me. Whodathunk humans could get so excited over pee!

I am already going on daily walks. Mom calls them my BIG boy walks. I tried to tell them I had to POOP before starting the walk but they just would not listen to me. So I had to poop in the middle of the road. I hope they listen tomorrow bepaws we dogs do like some privacy, woof!

Mom has video of me on my big boy walks bepaws after all I have to WALK my talk…rrr rather my bark and follow the laws of health – that is something I’m going to blog about probably a lot.

Well, I have to go play now and see what else I can get into so I’ll be blogging with you later. Stay tuned as I know Mom’s going to take LOTS of videos and photos. I’m getting rave reviews on Facebook so apparently I’m liking all this puparozzi treatment, woof!

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATURALLY healthy day, woof!

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