Air Fresheners and Allergies

Me_and_Meesh_1232011_3Our modern society is very “into” masking odors with anything that will be more sexy, more appealing to our “sensitive” sense of smell. But what we may not be considering is how the very things we are using to mask odors or products we use to clean our house with that have synthetic fragrances added, etc., may be FAR more toxic to our overall health and well being than anything malodorous could ever hope to be.

And now it is being “suddenly” discovered (scientifically that is although it shouldn’t take science to prove to us what is or isn’t good for us) that these artificial fragrances are also causing allergies or allergic reactions. Note that allergies are the body’s alert system telling us something is really going wrong. They are not there to be treated as a disease as modern medicine wants us to do but to seek the cause. Well now you know that part of that cause is coming from those air fresheners people are so eager to use to mask odors with in their homes as the following article from Natural News points out: Study: Exposure to common air fresheners can cause allergies, asthma

I did some major INTERNAL house cleaning years ago to detoxify myself from all the cleaning and yard products I used to use as well as all of the asthma and allergy medication I was using. I’d use one asthma drug to counter another until one day I had had enough and tossed the whole rotten, poisoned bunch of junk out and never looked back. I thought detoxification was worth and still make certain to maintain detoxification on a regular basis.

And I simultaneously detoxified my home and yard in a similar fashion.

I discovered I didn’t have these imbalances; they were either chemical or food related.

I don’t use any of these type cleaners, laundry soaps, yard products or prescription medications any longer. I really do owe so much to Young Living for their amazing healing essential oils and products to my current health and well being. They are my primary health care in my house the Eight Laws of Health as my foundation for myself, my husband and our precious puppy Meshach.

If I want my house to smell good, I clean it using Thieves cleaner. I wash laundry in baking soda, white vinegar and Thieves cleaner. If I want REAL air fresheners I open windows in the summer, spring and fall plus I make my own spritzers with the essential oils and water. In the winter, like right now, I diffuse the essential oils – I’m diffusing Christmas Spirit today. They clean the air, they go into our bodies and assist in supporting them*, and so much more!

My house smells REAL good – and people always comment to that effect when they come to visit. I invite you to consider doing likewise and throwing out all those toxic products that are causing harm to you, your family and your pets and choose the healthy, natural approach.

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, FRAGRANTLY healthy day!

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