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It_is_You_Guys_1222011I’ve been using essential oils with dogs for many years now. In fact it was my own dog that was the reason I stumbled upon the use of therapeutic essential oils – he was showing me how to support him and his well being naturally.

I’ve used raindrop technique extensively on my own dogs as well as shared the knowledge of it with my clients so they can then do the same with their dogs for their own dogs if those so chose. For my former dog Shadrach I used to do a weekly raindrop on him to ease his back and joint discomfort. He went to regular chiropractic as well. After each adjustment I made sure to do a raindrop in him, even if it was modified to only apply the raindrop oils in sequence.

I have another client whom I supported with her puppy who had parvo. The puppy received some of the traditional treatment from their veterinarian. He received fluids but also antibiotics. To support him further I guided her on some additional nutritional needs to build back his immune system. But she is also diffusing and using the essential oils in her home. Her puppy really is drawn to the EOs. It’s uncanny how animals will invariably seek them out if you show and offer them to them. She is diffusing Thieves regularly now. Her puppy even licks the EOs from her hand – Shadrach used to do the same thing. He would also do a “sniff, sniff, sniff” whenever I placed bottles in front of his nose.

My Great Dane puppy Meshach isn’t quite as enamored of them that way but he does like the diffuser and often goes up and sniffs it when it is running – which is daily now in the winter – or goes to whichever room I have placed it in to run. However, recently he began a serious detox from epigenetic damage he has accumulated. What does that mean? Well he is completely naturally reared – raw fed, non-vaccinated, etc. It never ceases to amaze me how people who vaccinate their dogs will think it is the unvaccinated ones that get them sick when it is the other way around. IF their vaccines worked so well, then they wouldn’t have to be afraid of the unvaccinated dogs. But it is those vaccinated ones that shed the disease and perpetuate it. Anyway I digress. I say that because another client’s puppy was repeatedly vaccinated for parvo but came down with it – no surprise there.

The vaccines are passed on through the DNA from one generation to the next causing generational damage and vaccinosis. It takes several generations to clean that out. My puppy is only first generation NR on his dam’s side and second generation on his sire’s side. So he has been going through lots of healing crises 😦 It makes me sad to see how much damage we’ve done through our hubris in thinking we can in any way improve upon the perfect design of the immune system.

For Meshach’s detoxification process he has been getting a great raw diet of course with lots of good green tripe. I have done mini raindrops on him, and I use two Young Living blends a lot: Thieves and R.C. His biggest problem has been in one ear so I make an ear solution that I use to wipe and clean out the outer ear of yeasty debris that contains a couple of drops of Purification and of lavender essential oil. One thing to be cautious about is to not ever put essential oils into the ear canal of any animal or person. That can be very dangerous so don’t do that and always follow the adage of when in doubt leave it out.

I diffuse these EOs but I also apply to Meshach’s spine (a drop or two – I go gently with animals as their sense of smell is so much stronger than ours). I also use ImmuPower blend at night on him before he goes to sleep as well as use R.C blend. When he first came to me I used to put a couple of drops of Rehemogen (which is a tonic remedy by Young Living that has essential oils in it) in his water that began his detox journey.

Those who own or work in kennels who use these Young Living Essential Oils will almost invariably tell you that they keep Thieves blend and R.C. blend on hand. In addition Peace & Calming is one that is kept on hand to assist with keeping dogs in a kennel situation calm. The less stress there is the less chance for an imbalance to occur. Stress lowers the immune system response. AND these essential oils are great at deterring insects and pests!

I have used other natural support modalities but I am convinced that the best and most proactive modality I have ever used and had great success with is Young Living Essential Oils. They are always my first and best choice.

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Photo Attribution: Meshach the Great Dane by Dr. Kim Bloomer. Copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved.

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