Mosquitoes – What May Assist To Protect Against Them?

whatcha_doin_neighbors2It’s SPRING again! Sunshine, flowers, the fresh outdoors AND bugs! This is the time of year I get contacted about a “natural” remedy for fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes.

I know everyone probably gets tired of hearing me say this but we must stop thinking about all of this in such a reductionistic way. So first let me rant against the machine. And then give you the whole health solution.

That is what we’ve been conditioned to think so we can be sold toxic products that are harming our pets. I don’t care if they are prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) they are still toxic. I don’t care if your vet says they are safe or if the manufacturer says they are. They are still toxic pesticides we are putting on our precious pets or giving them orally or even by injection. And NONE of those things are really preventive or protective. They just poison the pests and therefore, over time poison our pets too.

A whole health approach to avoiding these pests is to follow the laws of health:

1. Nutrition as the foundation: a species appropriate RAW diet. For our dogs that is a raw meat, bone and organ diet. Yes RAW.

2. Exercise. Daily. It is not optional. The lymph doesn’t move if our dogs don’t move. Lymph is what keeps the body protected and moves toxins out. It does not have a pump like the heart. The “pump” is MOVEMENT.

3. Water. Fresh. Pure. Sans chlorine and fluoride. No fluoride is not good for teeth contrary to popular propaganda.

4. Sun. Often sans toxic sunscreen – and a way for your dog to get into the shade as desired. This is key and critical to good health.

5. Temperance. That’s an old-fashioned word for MODERATION in all things.

6. Fresh air. Outside not inside the house. Diffuse Young Living Essential Oils inside when you have to keep your house closed or if you want a NATURAL way to move the pests out of your house. Open the doors and windows in nice weather for fresh air. Dogs love to be outside in the fresh air too – not cooped up in the house all day.

7. Rest. Good, quiet rest. In darkness without all sorts of human electronic contrivances interfering with good rest/sleep.

8. Trust. In all of the previous laws of health and a bond-relationship with your dog.

All of the above will equal a LOT less stress. Stress is the foundation of disease and setting up the body to be attraction to these pests as a weakened specimen.

We also use various essential oils by Young Living to support and enhance our immune systems* so as to make ourselves unpalatable to the pests.

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