We Bid Our Meshach Adieu

Office_Assistant_2It is with deep, deep sorrow that today we bid our sweet Meshach goodbye. He has been suffering with grand mal seizures since March. We did everything we knew to do both holistically and conventionally but it wasn’t enough. And so with such sweet sorrow we bid our boy adieu until we meet again in Heaven. We love you Meshach, always and forever our sweet, kind, loving, funny, amazing dog. Run free sweetheart free from pain and suffering full of the joy everyone who ever met you felt – canine and human alike. Meshach June 2, 2011 – September 17, 2012. R.I.P.

Here is our farewell tribute audio to Meshach: Gone Too Soon: Farewell to Meshach the Great Dane – Show #427

Please visit Meshach’s Memorial Page to read all of the condolences, photos, and videos.

I will be compiling a resource here on seizures and epilepsy in canines in order to hopefully help you learn how to help your own dogs and also to encourage you to learn the truth about vaccines. Meshach was not vaccinated but he suffered the consequences of vaccine damaged DNA. Natural immunity is the key to helping our animals be strong and pass on TRUE immunity to their progeny.

Photo Attribution: Meshach the Great Dane by Dr. Kim Bloomer, Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved

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Dr. Kim Bloomer is an animal naturopath consulting on canine and feline nutrition and wellness. In addition, Dr. Kim is a proficient blogger, writer, speaker and presenter on natural pet care as well as the Co-Founder of the American Council of Animal Naturopathy. She is the author/co-author of three books including Animals Taught Me That and the newest Essential Oils in Animal Care: A Naturopathic Approach co-authored with her two colleagues. Dr. Kim’s articles have been featured in various publications in both print and online.

6 thoughts on “We Bid Our Meshach Adieu”

  1. I am sooo very sorry for your loss, Kim. I am sobbing and my heart is breaking for you and your husband. It is too hard for you to have to go through this again so soon after losing Shadrach. I am so sorry for your pain. I just loved to hear of Mechach’s adventures. He was such a joyful boy! May our Lord of all comfort, comfort you.


    1. Thank you Susie, Kitty and Carole. Our hearts are so broken and each day is a challenge to get through. Only dog lovers would understand how much of a void a beloved dog leaves when they go Home to Heaven. Meshach went far, far, far sooner than we ever anticipated. I know God has His plan and purpose to work all things for good, but that doesn’t lessen the pain. He was our baby boy in all ways. I miss him so, so much. Now he is running free and painless with our Shadrach, Fridge, Leben, Floppsy and all the other beautiful sweet dogs that have graced my life. God has the BEST dogs in heaven because He has ALL of mine. 😦

      Please do stick around though as I will now be writing the blog and my passion is to share natural rearing and natural immunity so that less and less dogs will have to suffer the fate our sweet Meshach did. He was not vaccinated but vaccine damaged nonetheless.

      With much love and appreciation for your consideration during our sorrow and grief,
      Dr. Kim & Donnie


  2. Kim, I’m so sorry. Words can’t ease how you feel. But I know. Our Danes, despite their size, are very delicate creatures. My heart goes out to you….



  3. Kim and Donnie,

    My heart is breaking with you to know that Meschach is gone – lots of Dane love and positive thoughs being sent your way.
    I hope you can take comfort in knowing that he is in the best of company, along with Rufus, Mickey and others that have gone before him.
    Maggie and the Danes


    1. Thank you Maggie – it is hard to believe that this special Dane baby is gone. But I do trust God and His sovereignty. I am also glad Meshach is no longer suffering – sweet, kind, loving boy that he was.

      He is in the BEST company you are right Maggie – with all of your sweet Danes and all of my former dogs, including my former Dane, Leben. Meshach is in good paws, and in the best Hands – that of my Lord and Savior, Jesus.

      Love and hugs back to you Maggie and all your precious Danes,
      Dr. Kim


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