The_Gremlin_Did_ItYou’ll probably get tired of me going on and on about this subject but I will not stop until a LOT more pet owners have taken the red pill and woken up out of the Matrix of lies woven to the detriment and ultimately the utter destruction of all species of domestic pets.

That is negative thinking I know. But until I can get the attention of pet owners to stop thinking that MINIMAL vaccines are okay and protective, then I absolutely cannot stop sharing what I KNOW to be true. And this is not even adding in the GMOs in the crapple they are being fed and the pesticides they are being slathered in making nothing more than a toxic soup that causes grave harm and suffering while the cartel (veterinary profession, pharmaceutical companies, pet food industry, et al) makes a KILLING literally in both lives AND income!

Vaccines are NOT immunizations. They are NOT protective. They ARE neurotoxins. Here is a quote that I read today by the www.ChalkboardCampaign.com about neurotoxins:

Neurotoxins cause brain damage in EVERYONE. The extent is the only variable.”

Did you know that the veterinarians I took Meshach to here considered seizures common? Maybe even normal nowadays? There is NOTHING normal about them. And yet they were trying to blame ME for NOT vaccinating him. That doesn’t even come close to making ANY kind of sense whatsoever. It is a KNOWN fact that vaccines are a CAUSE of seizures. Of course their only treatment is MORE toxins in the form of drugs, increasing them until your pet is no longer themselves but a zombie with liver disease. So the next out is death by lethal injection. And ALL of it costs you heartache, money, stress and immense grief and your pet immense suffering.

I am glad we managed Meshach primarily with natural alternatives so he could live out his days with some quality of life.

Meshach was not vaccinated. He may have lived maybe one day if he had been vaccinated due to the vaccine damage already lurking in his body. He suffered from inherited vaccinosis. Yes, INHERITED. But you will never hear a conventional veterinarian tell you that or even admit that it is possible.

If we continue to think that over-vaccination is merely too many vaccines administered to our pets instead of only ONE vaccine in their LIFETIME administered being ONE too many, then one day we won’t have to worry over this as there will be no more pets to consider.

The only safe vaccine is one that is never used. No vaccine can be proven safe before it is given to children“. ~Statements by the late James A. Shannon, while serving as Director of the US National Institutes of Health.

And not to animals either I might add!

I will close my rant today with a quote by friend, author, and fellow natural health professional, Aleksandra Mikic from her book, Immune Doggy, which I HIGHLY recommend:
By vaccinating every individual animal and not allowing it to develop its own immunity, we are effectively 26367_396592622268_394883877268_5020574_4895002_npreventing the passing of the immunity to the future generations. A vaccine is always made from the most virulent form of the virus since pharmaceutical companies jump on the wagon as soon as the disease appears and the level of fear is at its highest. While in nature this virus would have mutated into a less virulent form, it does not do so in the vaccine. Generations of animals are therefore injected with the worst form of the virus and stripped of their natural immune response which would have been passed onto subsequent generations. What is passed forward instead is deformed DNA, and the destruction of the species must ensue. Vaccinated mothers do not pass on herd immunity, which then puts pups in greater danger of contracting disease while they are very young. By attempting to save the individual animal, we are effectively destroying the species. A healthy species is able to survive without human interference and we are taking that ability away from our animals.

By the way, friend and veterinarian Dr. Patricia Jordan has stated MANY times that NO studies have been done on the effects to the genome, the DNA by vaccines. NONE. And yet, DNA can be changed easily by thoughts, words, and frequencies. Do you think there is anything but a negative frequency from vaccines? I don’t.

My sweet former dogs Fridge, Shadrach and Meshach are all the proof I need. I am not going to participate in this mass slaughter any longer at all.

Instead I am going to share the truth and allow healing to take place in anyone who decides to hear and heed.

I invite you to consider taking our module at the American Council of Animal Naturopathy, A Better Understanding of Vaccines and be empowered with the knowledge you gain.

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!

PHOTO ATTRIBUTION: Meshach the Great Dane puppy by Dr. Kim Bloomer. Copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved.

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