Books for Health-Conscious, Animal-Loving Christians

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An animal naturopath and a veterinarian write about health and animals from a Christian perspective

Rio Rancho, NM, December 4, 2012: Animal naturopath, Dr. Kim Bloomer, and veterinarian, Dr. Hugh Bassham have each authored books for the health-conscious, Christian animal lover, published through Crossbooks Publishing.

Dr. Bassham’s book, Better Health and a Plan to Achieve It, is the inspired compilation of his 1993 book, The Search for Total Health, and his 2007 booklet, A Plan for Better Health. Bassham’s insight bridges the gap between physical and spiritual equilibrium. It takes a look at how our physical health affects our spiritual well-being and what the Bible says about our fitness, as well as our joy.

As Bassham states, “When I first started to look closer at nutrition I was afraid people, especially family,
Better Health and a Plan to Achieve Itfriends and colleagues, would find out I was “dabbling” in nutrition. Now, and after many years of seeing dramatic results, I’m afraid they won’t find out! And this is the reason why I wrote my book–to tell people everywhere about the importance of nutrition and the necessity of feeding the whole person!

Dr. Bloomer’s book, Animals Taught Me That, is an encouraging memoir and detailed account of how Bloomer learned all the most important lessons life has for us through the love and friendship of God’s creatures. Bloomer’s love of and work with animals is what motivated her to write this book as a way to help others learn from her mistakes and to be encouraged by her triumphs.

“My hope is not only that you will learn the most important lessons in life God desires for us, but that the animals in your life will be honored for who they are and how much they really do mean in our lives,” says Bloomer.

One chapter, Shadrach the Neo Mastiff…nuthin’ but the dog in him, from Bloomer’s book, is also now a featured story in the new book by Sumner Davenport, Stress-Out for Cats, Dogs and Their Humans.

Bassham and Bloomer’s books are both available directly from in print, ebook and Kindle editions, making excellent gifts for your Christmas gift giving.

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