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Aria_DiffuserWe know what “defusing” a bad situation means right? In case not here is the definition on dictionary.com: “to make less dangerous, tense, or embarrassing: to defuse a potentially ugly situation“. However, what about “diffusing” a bad situation? The definition of “diffusing” is “to pour out and spread, as a fluid or to spread or scatter widely or thinly; disseminate“.

Which is what a cold-air diffuser does sometimes just with essential oils and sometimes with water mixed in…and they can then help de-fuse a difficult situation!

Diffusing essential oils is a VERY powerful way to help bring more than fresh, healthy, clean air to your home, office, kennel, etc. Diffusing is more than just a nice smell, it is SO much more.

First of all, essential oils pass the blood-brain barrier unlike many other substances. Of course that is the body protecting itself. But in the case of essential oils, this is a good thing.

Secondly, the essential oils don’t only correct physical challenges in the body, but can assist in emotional and mental issues as well. In fact as I stated in last week’s post, I am using the essential oils to assist my dog, King, with both physical and emotional issues.

Home DiffuserPeople often don’t think to assist their animals with emotional challenges or even think they have them but animals are not automatons. They are thinking, feeling beings just like us and also have challenges in these areas just like us.

Diffusing the oils can assist with all of these issues while keeping the air in your home/office/kennel clean, bacteria/virus free as well as correcting imbalances in the body, mind and spirit!!!

I diffuse often and some people diffuse daily. When my Neo Mastiff Shadrach was old and in his last days, to assist him in a home hospice situation, we diffused the blend, Peace & Calming, ALL day long every day until his passing. We did it for us as much as him so we could all be in a calmer state. We were so sad knowing it would not be long before our sweet boy would no longer be with us. Diffusing this blend helped a us and Shadrach immeasurably!

Young Living has a “Feelings Kit” that can be used with animals too and also some other blends not in the kit that I would use for defusing situations. Feelings_Kit

What if you have two dogs that fight often and have exhausted other methods of defusing the situation other than focusing on healing the emotions involved in this? Whichever dog initiates the fights is the one I would try using SARA blend or Grounding blend with. It might not make sense to you when you learn that SARA is for abuse situations in humans. But read about each oil and you might begin to see how that would be of benefit to these two animals. Or Forgiveness blend.

In the meantime here are all of the Young Living Diffusers you can choose from and well since I am biased I will say they are ALL awesome! The easiest one to use though is the TheraPro so I will share it first:

The next one is the Aria Ultrosonic – a pretty fancy one but NICE:

The next one is a favorite to use with animals since 1) you use so little oils and 2) it requires water:

There are a couple of others but I think these three are the BEST!
For a complete listing use this link: http://www.youngliving.com/en_US/products/essential-oils/tools

Just start diffusing any of the oils and document how you see the health and well being of your dogs improving…AND your own as well! 🙂

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