Rosie the Naturally Reared Toller

IMG_1633cropsmBack in 2008 when Shadrach was alive and still doing the blogging here on Bark N Blog, he posted a short feature about Rosie the naturally reared Toller…

Well at the end of May I received a nice little update on Rosie from her human, Keryl. I asked if I could share this update with my readers because I think it is so important for people to see what quality of life is given to our dogs when they are naturally reared. Keryl uses homeopathy as her modality of choice for any healing needs for her dogs. Rosie just keeps on going and going into her golden years! Keryl said yes so here is the letter she wrote me and the photos for you to enjoy Ms. Rosie 🙂

Letter from Keryl at Balsam Path:
Hi Dr. Kim,
I am sorry that I haven’t written to you about Rosie. Things have been busy here. We now have 6 laying hens and my husband is very happy with them. I think that they are Golden Comet chickens and they are pretty nice hens, for the most part. They don’t bother us when we gather their eggs and they now come to greet us when we come into their pen.

The reason I bring up the hens – other than the fact that they IMG_1572cropsm have been a part of our winter/spring projects – is that Rosie now has a new job. Rosie loves keeping track of the hens! She spends hours running around (not in) the “Hen Pen” keeping track of the hens. For Rosie, I think this is a job she has needed and it has given her a new life, so to speak. She loves going with Gary when he lets the cats out in the morning but then she used to go back to sleep. Now she goes with Gary to let the cats out and then she goes with Gary to take care of the hens! She is playing hide and seek with me in the afternoon when I leave for work. So much more of her personality is coming out again!

We continue to care for her and Gabe using NR practices. They are raw fed – and now getting farm fresh eggs. We continue to use mostly homeopathy for treatment. Our cats respond very well to homeopathy also!

Attached are some pictures of Rosie. One is Rosie as she greets people who come to buy hardy shrub roses from us and the other is Rosie looking into the “Hen Pen” and checking on her hens. Enjoy!

Thank you for that wonderful update Keryl! Sending hugs and love to all of you at Balsam Path from King and I!! Shadrach would be happy to know his beautiful girl Rosie is still around and doing the work she loves 🙂

Until next time…

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!

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