Natural Immunity Not Vaccines

800px-SyringesSeems that the brainwashing has been so effective over the years that some people are just stuck in that paradigm even with the true evidence about vaccines emerges – the evidence that demands the verdict that natural immunity is the only way to obtain immunity, not through vaccines.

I was on a friend’s Facebook timeline on Friday reading an article she had posted about the CDC knowing that cancer virus has been put into vaccines but has lied to the public about it. I knew that, but one woman posted that there was no way that the CDC would do this and that it was because of vaccines polio had been eradicated. First of all, yes they would lie to us and have repeatedly. Secondly, polio has not been eradicated it is just called by different names now.

We’ve done quite a few podcasts on this subject on Animal Talk Naturally with links to articles and resources should you be so inclined to research out my statements to prove them out for yourselves. Just click on our past programs page and look under the vaccine shows, especially the series on “Why Vaccines Can’t Immunize“.

In fact, according to a couple of veterinarian friends of mine, these viruses can be traced to actual natural viruses OR the engineered viruses in vaccines.

And if more people understood that vaccinology and immunology are not one and the same thing, as well as how the immune system is designed to work versus how vaccines are supposed to work, they’d see the dots do not and cannot connect.

First let me give you some of the links to articles I read last week that will help you see why am even writing this short post and then, I will share some comments by two veterinarians that woke up out of the Matrix and share the truth without fear:

2. – when I posted this show to FB we got some great feedback! And two people that had not previously considered NOT vaccinating now are starting to see the light.

Some of the spin doctoring words that are used repeatedly in medicine that have no foundation in actual fact are:

1. Your cancer is in remission
2. Vaccine-induced immunity

You are either cured or you aren’t with cancer. Vaccines can’t immunize therefore there can’t be vaccine-induced immunity.

Articles/videos to get you started – first you will want to lay aside your accepted beliefs on medicine:
3. – featuring my friend, Terry.

Here are what the two veterinarian friends of mine said when one woman was questioning what we said on our show basically saying that there is evidence proving both sides and now she didn’t know what to do about vaccinating her cat (that was a positive sign to me that she was starting to “get it“). First let me share what I said to her and then what my veterinarian friends said:

Me:” _________ you even asking me this tells me you are doubting the false evidence appearing real in support of vaccines – it is false and always has been. I invite you to consider several things: 1) consult with someone (it does not have to be me) that you know can guide you in a whole health approach to the care of your cat so you no longer have to f.e.a.r. , 2) ask those in the know besides me such as veterinarians Dr. Patricia Jordan and Dr. Stephen Blake, and 3) get informed by doing your own investigation. There is a multitude of information available. You can start your own investigation by listening to ALL of our shows on vaccines on our main site as we have LOTS of resources as well as veterinarians who have shared and aren’t afraid to share the truth. – past programs look under the vaccine section.”

In the post I tagged these veterinarians and here are their responses:

Dr. Blake: “Well put young lady. There are NO safety studies on any vaccines EVER. That should make your hair stand up and to make it worse they tell you not to worry and trust the fox in the hen house. NOT. There is NO science to support safety or efficacy of vaccines. JUST SAY NO!

Dr. Jordan: “Absolutely! Absolutely NOT ONE vaccine gene impact study for any human or animal vaccines. We have been using vaccines without ANY validation of their performance in safety, efficacy or even need for them at all. Infectious diseases were already flat-lining well before vaccines even came in on that first gravy boat for the small pox franchise.”

Also there are a lot of books on the market with the evidence against vaccines that demand the real verdict!

You can start with two in animal health:

Vaccinosis: Hidden in Plain Sight by Dr. Jordan
Immune Doggy by Aleksandra Mikic (also on Kindle as “How to Immunize Your Dog Without Vaccines“)

We also offer a vaccine module at the American Council of Animal Naturopathy:

Until next time….

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!

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