Dogs and Garbage

Mom_listenz_its_very_importantzHmmm, well this was an interesting if very unflattering to canines article on what was discovered about how dogs came to be man’s best friend. It is a bit different viewpoint from what has been taught for quite some time. There is nothing romantic or “friendly” about it either. Does the term “garbage hound” ring a bell? Dogs may have become our best friend because of garbage!

Here’s the article: Love your dog? You should thank garbage

From this study it appears that dogs came to be our “best” friends out of necessity not out of any kind of mutual bond of any kind. Yes, we all know the stories about how we hunted together and then before we knew it the dog was our best friend.

I am sure the theories on the mutual need for hunting together are also true, but the funny thing is that may not have been the first intention in our relationship.

Whatever the case may be, I am just happy that dogs are indeed mankind’s best friend – now if we could ALL just treat them as the amazing companions they have become!

Let’s treat them as the carnivores they are and stop feeding them garbage, stop injecting them with more garbage and stop slathering them in toxic garbage all because it is “convenient” for us so we don’t have to think or work our way through the learning process of supplying them with what will help them be healthy and thrive.

I think they deserve and have earned the right to receive MUCH better than all of our toxic garbage.

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!

PHOTO ATTRIBUTION: ©Copyright 2013 Dr.Kim Bloomer All Rights Reserved – King the American Bully

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