Remembering Meesh

Beautiful_DifferenceTwo years ago yesterday we laid you to rest, out of your suffering and pain, but ours remained. Two years and we have missed you every single day. You gave us so much in the short 13 months you graced our lives. In fact, everything changed because of you and for the better! You opened doors into my heart, my mind, my emotions, and showed me things that have hindered my life from blossoming into its fullness. We are so grateful God allowed you into our lives!! You taught us so much and now King and Schatzie have come and carry the torch teaching us more and more. We love you always, our sweet Micky Picky.

Meshach, aka Zona Siscos Through the Fire
Forever loved, forever in our hearts.
June 2, 2011 – September 17, 2012

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