Nature’s Symphony

The following audio is focused on a show we did on our podcast Animal Talk Naturally and applicable to the Oily Symphony class for which this audio has been made available.

“…He [God] has created medicines whose molecules sing sonorous songs of healing to our very cells resounding with His grace – if only we will attune ourselves to receive it.” ~Dr. David Stewart, Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple

It has been said that you cannot hurt the humblest creature or disturb the smallest pebble without your action having a reaction upon something else’s. You cannot think an evil thought, no matter how privately, without it having an effect upon somebody else. Whatsoever you do in life sets up some form of resonance.” ~Cornelis van Dalen, New Physis Nature & Medicine


Animals Sing…–frequency-low-hear-them.html

Plants Sing…

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Dr. Kim Bloomer is an animal naturopath consulting on canine and feline nutrition and wellness. In addition, Dr. Kim is a proficient blogger, writer, speaker and presenter on natural pet care as well as the Co-Founder of the American Council of Animal Naturopathy. She is the author/co-author of three books including Animals Taught Me That and the newest Essential Oils in Animal Care: A Naturopathic Approach co-authored with her two colleagues. Dr. Kim’s articles have been featured in various publications in both print and online.