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800px-Houston_SymphonyJust this past week I released a class I wrote on essential oils, I titled the Oily Symphony. In addition to creating it, we did a show on Animal Talk Naturally about it so that I could offer it to everyone at no cost!

So I wanted to make sure all avenues of sharing this offering available which is the reason for this blog post today. In the new year I know I will get back to writing my dog wellness stories – I have new ones to share. For now, however, I want to make sure you have wellness gifts that will, if you so choose, be with you always. Learning is never something we attain and we are done, but always evolving and moving forward if we are true learners.

All too often I see people getting stuck in their knowledge – by receiving a title and staying stuck there rather than evolving and moving forward. My hope is that this class will help you view essential oils in a new light, and in fact guide and support you on your wellness journey and that of your animals also (that is always a given in my eyes).

When you listen to the audio, you will also hear of my book, Animals Taught Me That, being available for free from December 18-20 on Amazon Kindle. If you are reading this later than the 20th at midnight, then I apologize for the lateness of this blog post. Don’t worry though, the book will be available again on a free promotion. I tried to extend it two more days today, but it wouldn’t allow me to do so. I’ll just re-do it to run from the 21st through the 26th for free for all of you.

My wish for all of you this holiday season and beyond, is for you and your animals to be blessed and to Be Well.

Until next time….

Have a positively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!

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Dr. Kim Bloomer is an animal naturopath consulting on canine and feline nutrition and wellness. In addition, Dr. Kim is a proficient blogger, writer, speaker and presenter on natural pet care as well as the Co-Founder of the American Council of Animal Naturopathy. She is the author/co-author of three books including Animals Taught Me That and the newest Essential Oils in Animal Care: A Naturopathic Approach co-authored with her two colleagues. Dr. Kim’s articles have been featured in various publications in both print and online.