A Tale of Three Dogs, Part Three Conclusion

Meshach A week after Shadrach’s passing, my friend Kim asked me if she could gift me with one of her upcoming litter’s puppies. At that time, she was breeding Great Danes in partnership with her sister. I was stunned and excited, because Great Danes have been my favorite breed of dog since the age of... Continue Reading →

A Tale of Three Dogs, Part Two

Shadrach Fridge entered my life gently and sweetly, but Shadrach came slamming into my life with his damaged, abused, neglected young self. My husband fell instantly in love with Shadrach, but I can’t say that I did. He was so skinny, smelly, and different than my beautiful Golden Retriever, Fridge. What I didn’t know was... Continue Reading →

Promote Health

The following article was written for our newsletter at the American Council of Animal Naturopathy to our students. I hope it helps readers and clients understand the nature of the work we as animal naturopaths do (promote health) in contrast to a veterinarian (who diagnoses, prescribes for and treats disease): Knowing is not enough; we... Continue Reading →

Thinking Differently About Using EOs with Dogs

Often I get asked how much of this or that essential oil to use with a dog and how often. I am happy to say that isn't a question I answer in the conventional sense because that is a conventional focus. As a matter of fact, that is considered prescribing and treating which only licensed... Continue Reading →

Pest Control: Poisoning our pets through conventional “prevention” methods

Conventional pest control is a common practice among pet owners these days. After all, we've been taught to be afraid, be very afraid of the wicked diseases and pestilence they bring. Yes, I know about Lyme's disease among other things and I am not discounting that but we have been looking at this all wrong... Continue Reading →

Fulvic – Humic Acid for Immune Support in Our Pets

Just a couple of years ago I began doing some research into a supplement I had little knowledge of but was intrigued because of my Facebook friend, Nikki Brown's, Canine Angel newsletters mentioning this supplement. I knew she was/is a raw feeder so I was very intrigued as I read her articles on why even... Continue Reading →

Seven Months Raw Fed Schatzie

Seems like I often focus on my little American Bully, King, more than my American Dingo (aka Carolina Dog mix) Schatzie. King has been with us for nine months now and Schatzie seven months. In that seven months we have of course raw fed Schatzie. She took to it like the carnivore she is as... Continue Reading →

Oscar, the Wheaten Terrier, Survives and Thrives

About a year and half ago I consulted with a woman in Beijing, China for her then ailing Wheaten Terrier, named Oscar. She had come as a referral to me by Jesse at Pet-Grub.com. Jesse helped Connie, Oscar's owner with supplements and he introduced her to the raw diet. For further guidance, he referred Connie... Continue Reading →

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