Overcoming Fears Associated with Raw Feeding

A few summers ago I had the opportunity to consult with several local dog owners about the proper way to feed their pets. Most of my clients come to me because their pets are sick and they haven’t seen much if any results with the traditional veterinary care they have been pursuing. My only regret... Continue Reading →

Parasites, Obesity and Paw Chewing

To clarify before I share my own approach to handling three of the most common ailments I hear about – parasites, obesity and paw chewing – I am a certified animal naturopath. I help my clients learn how to care for their dogs through the laws of health (naturopathic principles) with the foundation on nutrition.... Continue Reading →

Animal Naturopathy: The Natural Alternative for Animal Care

Most Americans don't even know what animal naturopathy is much-the-less that it is a choice they have for their pets' health care. Animal naturopaths are often mistaken for holistic veterinarians and while they do complement each other their roles are quite different. Holistic veterinarians are all initially conventionally trained and then later seek out the... Continue Reading →

Resolution to Educate on the Dangers of Vaccines

Early this autumn, on September 17, 2012 my husband and I put to his final rest our fifteen month old Great Dane puppy, Meshach. He was entirely naturally reared but nevertheless he still died as a result of over-vaccination even though he was never vaccinated. Because we have wrought so much damage to generations of... Continue Reading →

Take Back Control of Your Pets Health

Originally written for and printed in Dr. Al Sear's newsletter, Health Confidential: Many people come to me and they ask me about the health of their pets. I have some strong views about it. Many of the problems that pets have are the same ones we have, because we're all living in this altered environment.... Continue Reading →

What Do Animal Naturopaths Do?

by Kim Bloomer, VND Lately I've gotten a lot comments or questions about helping animals naturally which is of course what I do! But most people seem to think, because of the title "veterinary" naturopath that I am a veterinarian. But I am not. You know how you have an MD as your conventional doctor... Continue Reading →

Animal Naturopathy: What It Is & What It Is Not

by Dr. Kim Bloomer Since animal naturopathy isn't widely used in the United States, I often get asked what exactly it is I do and most often I'm mistaken for being a holistic veterinarian. Therefore the goal of this article is to set that record straight. Interestingly enough, many people in this country don't seem... Continue Reading →

My Hero Dog

by Dr. Kim Bloomer My dog's name is Shadrach. Shadrach the Neo Mastiff. Nearly nine years ago, in December of 1999, Shadrach came home to live with us. But the circumstances surrounding his coming to live with us were very sad. Our family had lost one of my most favorite cousins - a young mother... Continue Reading →

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