Essential Oils with Animals

I thought I'd share a short little video with you I did a couple of months ago on the Animal Scents product line by Young Living Essential Oils. Just a quick and short one to let you know that we have animal specific essential oils available. I am currently working on a class for... Continue Reading →

Wellness Journey Initiated by Neo Mastiff

This is the short video story of not only what prompted my journey into natural, whole health for animals, but for humans also. In addition, it is also why I share the essential oils so much. I owe a debt of gratitude to God for sending me the most amazing dog, EVER, Shadrach my Neo... Continue Reading →

Thinking Differently About Using EOs with Dogs

Often I get asked how much of this or that essential oil to use with a dog and how often. I am happy to say that isn't a question I answer in the conventional sense because that is a conventional focus. As a matter of fact, that is considered prescribing and treating which only licensed... Continue Reading →


If you've read my blog over the years you'll know I've had several dogs since my blogging days began in 2004 - Shadrach (Neo Mastiff -my primary muse and inspiration, now deceased), Meshach (Great Dane - sweetness incarnated who broke my heart and my ego, now deceased), Schatzie (Carolina Dog aka American Dingo - my... Continue Reading →

The Heartworm Scare

The heartworm scare - we've all been there because they are scary. It is scary to know they can kill our dogs. Years ago when I worked in veterinary medicine as a tech, I saw many dogs have to be treated for heartworm which was rather awful as we used arsenic to kill the heartworms... Continue Reading →

Shyness in Dogs

Last month I went to a local dog show to meet my online friend, Erika Haferkorn of Red Angel Raw. I have purchased her treats for my dogs for the last few years. Erika was at the dog show with her Red Angel Raw booth with the variety of her raw foods and all dehydrated... Continue Reading →

Harmonizing the Body

We are now fully into Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and I for one am very glad to have some relief from the heat. I decided to share my two dogs with you this week so you can see their cute faces - AGAIN especially since this IS a blog about using essential oils with... Continue Reading →

Applying Essential Oils to My Dogs

King detoxed through his paws very quickly with essential oil application and it did pull out that nasty tar he had actually absorbed into his body from walking on asphalt prior to coming to live with us, which was good, but it was hard on him.

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