The Toxic- Free Lifestyle Beginning with Soap

towel_timeYes, soap. Most people today don’t seem to think much about the soaps they are using in their homes. They just see all the “beauty” benefits on television and then after watching those commercials over and over on the idiot tube, they traipse off to the store to purchase products that their brains were washed into believing they must have. But if you truly want to live a toxic-free lifestyle as well as lessening the toxin load in your pets, then start with the soaps and shampoos you use on yourself and your pets.

This article from Natural News ought to alarm you to the dangerous ingredient of “triclosan” that has been widely used in “antibacterial” soaps for DECADES: FDA finally gets around to conducting safety review on toxic antibacterial chemical triclosan, already in consumer products for four decades

Of course the “safety” study is being done AFTER the fact – typical and par for the course with FDA. They really are in business to protect the interests of the companies that create and sell all the dangerous toxins such as pesticides, GMOs, and pharmaceuticals NOT us or our pets! Continue reading The Toxic- Free Lifestyle Beginning with Soap

Parasites, Obesity and Paw Chewing

Coned_Dog_TrumanTo clarify before I share my own approach to handling three of the most common ailments I hear about – parasites, obesity and paw chewing – I am a certified animal naturopath. I help my clients learn how to care for their dogs through the laws of health (naturopathic principles) with the foundation on nutrition. Typically I can give them a “what I’d do if it were my dog” answer.

I have lumped all three symptoms of parasites, obesity and paw chewing together for a reason. They all come together under poor nutrition and a weakened immune system which can often be addressed through a proper species appropriate raw diet along with some natural modalities to control the parasites. Before I elaborate on just exactly what a proper diet is for a dog, let’s ask a couple of questions first so I don’t get any arguments regarding the diet. I’m just eliminating some of the typical responses beforehand! Continue reading Parasites, Obesity and Paw Chewing

Bathing Sissy the Great Dane

Mia_bathing_SissyThis week I want to share a little bit about bathing our dogs. The dog in the photo is a SisCo Dane just like my Meshach. Her name is Reese or better known as Sissy 🙂 She is being bathed with Young Living Animal Scents Shampoo by her human, Adam and his little girl Mia – my friend Kim is the one taking the photo. Mia is applying the shampoo as you can see 🙂 – it is a very gentle and safe shampoo.

First it’s important to note that dogs don’t necessarily need to be bathed as often as we think they do. If they are naturally reared (raw fed, no vaccines, no pesticides, etc.,) then they won’t have the normal “body odor” that we’ve come to accept as “normal” in our canines when it is anything but normal though it is common. Just remember that common doesn’t equate to normal. Continue reading Bathing Sissy the Great Dane

Fun in the Sun

Yummy_stickThis post was written in “first dog” by Meshach the Great Dane puppy.

Now that I live in NM, I am enjoying being outside a lot more bepaws it just isn’t as hot here as it is in AZ where I was whelped and raised. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t get blazing hot here too but this time of year is VERY nice. It even gets cold in the morning which gives me the zippies and the spizzies!

I LOVE being outdoors, soaking up the rays all while I play and explore things in our yard. We have TWO yards. The upper one is where Mom has all Continue reading Fun in the Sun

Animal Scents Shampoo – The Natural Alternative to Toxic Pet Shampoos

towel_timeRecently the FDA warned pet owners of a particular brand of pet shampoo that has the potential to cause asthma attacks in the humans who bathe their dogs using this shampoo. This post explains a bit further: FDA Warns Pet Owners of Pet Shampoo.

Of course I wonder if it is so toxic to people who are merely using it ON their dogs, what is it doing to the poor dogs that are drenched and bathed in it?

Naturally reared dogs don’t need to be bathed near as often as conventionally reared dogs, and what is even better they don’t typically have the often severe and ongoing problems with pests and parasites either. Continue reading Animal Scents Shampoo – The Natural Alternative to Toxic Pet Shampoos

Aloe Vera plant

Echte_Aloe_von_obenThis plant is not only a favorite of mine but we always had one growing in a pot or two around my own home and that of my grandmother’s. I grew up with a lot of folk medicine which is probably why I’m so enamored of natural health for animals and their humans!

This plant is so soothing externally for burns, cuts, scrapes and internally as well – be careful using it internally with your pets as it has strong purgative qualities which translated means it can cause diarrhea and even vomiting. It has so many wonderful qualities and it has that desert exotic look as well that always attracts me. Externally it can be very beneficial. I use the Aloe Vera Gel from Mountain Rose Herbs in my own home created lotions and ear cleaning solution.

Here are a couple of good articles on Aloe Vera:
Aloe Vera: The Miraculous Natural Healer
Aloe Vera Heals Burns and Digestion Problems

Here is a remedy that my colleague, Dr. Jeannie Thomason, uses for anal sac problems in dogs:

I make a poultice of about 1/2 clay and 1/2 activated charcoal using filtered or spring water and pure Aloe Vera Gel. I then hold it over the rectum and glands or the impacted gland in question for about 15 minutes. I do this several times a day until the glands shrink back to normal or open up to drain. I also UP the bone content of the dog’s diet.

Article from Natural News:
Can aloe vera prevent and cure cancer?

Photo Attribution: “Echte Aloe von oben” by 3268zauber – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –