The Toxic- Free Lifestyle Beginning with Soap

Most people today don't seem to think much about the soaps they are using in their homes. They just see all the "beauty" benefits on television and then after watching those commercials over and over on the idiot tube, they traipse off to the store to purchase products that their brains were washed into believing they must have.

Parasites, Obesity and Paw Chewing

To clarify before I share my own approach to handling three of the most common ailments I hear about – parasites, obesity and paw chewing – I am a certified animal naturopath. I help my clients learn how to care for their dogs through the laws of health (naturopathic principles) with the foundation on nutrition.... Continue Reading →

Bathing Sissy the Great Dane

This week I want to share a little bit about bathing our dogs. The dog in the photo is a SisCo Dane just like my Meshach. Her name is Reese or better known as Sissy 🙂 She is being bathed with Young Living Animal Scents Shampoo by her human, Adam and his little girl Mia... Continue Reading →

Fun in the Sun

This post was written in "first dog" by Meshach the Great Dane puppy. Now that I live in NM, I am enjoying being outside a lot more bepaws it just isn't as hot here as it is in AZ where I was whelped and raised. That doesn't mean it doesn't get blazing hot here too... Continue Reading →

Animal Scents Shampoo – The Natural Alternative to Toxic Pet Shampoos

Recently the FDA warned pet owners of a particular brand of pet shampoo that has the potential to cause asthma attacks in the humans who bathe their dogs using this shampoo. This post explains a bit further: FDA Warns Pet Owners of Pet Shampoo. Of course I wonder if it is so toxic to people... Continue Reading →

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