The Heartworm Scare

The heartworm scare - we've all been there because they are scary. It is scary to know they can kill our dogs. Years ago when I worked in veterinary medicine as a tech, I saw many dogs have to be treated for heartworm which was rather awful as we used arsenic to kill the heartworms... Continue Reading →

Pest Control: Poisoning our pets through conventional “prevention” methods

Conventional pest control is a common practice among pet owners these days. After all, we've been taught to be afraid, be very afraid of the wicked diseases and pestilence they bring. Yes, I know about Lyme's disease among other things and I am not discounting that but we have been looking at this all wrong... Continue Reading →

Vaccines, Flea-Tick Pesticides, and Antibiotics

This is not going to be a lengthy post in spite of the heavy duty toxins commonly known as vaccines, flea-tick pesticides and antibiotics - what people often want to think of as medicine but are anything but that in reality.

Harmful, Chemical Products Killing and Maiming Pets

I am always saying this to clients: follow the laws of health and do NOT use these toxins on pets. They are not only killing and harming the pests and parasites they are supposed to kill, but they are also harming and even in some cases killing our pets as well! There is a Facebook... Continue Reading →

Essential Oils vs Pheromone “Technology”

Well it just seems that the status quo can't let well enough alone when it comes to TRYING to compete with natural healing modalities and remedies. These synthetic imitations will never, can never compete with the REAL thing - but they sure do TRY. A famous sage by the name of Yoda once said, "There... Continue Reading →

Is Traditional Flea-Tick Control Your Only Option?

Spring is just around the corner; new life abounds which also means fleas and ticks. Modern pet owners seem to live in constant dread of these pesky pests that also carry disease that can effect human health as well as the health of our pets. However, what many pet owners fail to realize is the... Continue Reading →

Letter from a Reader of Bark N Blog

For those reading this on Aspenbloom Pet Care, Bark N Blog was my original blog. Then I set up this site, and then A Dog's View. All are here on this blog now 🙂 After losing my sweet Great Dane boy, Meshach, on September 17th of this year at the tender age of 15 months,... Continue Reading →

Bathing Sissy the Great Dane

This week I want to share a little bit about bathing our dogs. The dog in the photo is a SisCo Dane just like my Meshach. Her name is Reese or better known as Sissy 🙂 She is being bathed with Young Living Animal Scents Shampoo by her human, Adam and his little girl Mia... Continue Reading →

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