The Heartworm Scare

King's Puppyhood_4aftercroppingThe heartworm scare – we’ve all been there because they are scary. It is scary to know they can kill our dogs. Years ago when I worked in veterinary medicine as a tech, I saw many dogs have to be treated for heartworm which was rather awful as we used arsenic to kill the heartworms but it often killed the dog in the process. But the REAL scare is the lie that using these toxins is somehow prevention and safe. On our dog group I recently stated in response to someone who called them poisons that was the key word: poison. And I also asked how can a poison be considered prevention or protective? Nature does provide better solutions (see below). Continue reading The Heartworm Scare

Pest Control: Poisoning our pets through conventional “prevention” methods

anDogItchConventional pest control is a common practice among pet owners these days. After all, we’ve been taught to be afraid, be very afraid of the wicked diseases and pestilence they bring. Yes, I know about Lyme’s disease among other things and I am not discounting that but we have been looking at this all wrong thanks to modern scare tactics convincing us that the only solution is to poison the heck out of these pests and then label it “prevention“. We are, however, poisoning our beloved pets in the process as well.

These critters are something all dog and cat owners get nervous about, especially during the warm summer months. However, we would begin to understand that these “pests” (what we consider to be pests anyway as there is a balance in nature if we’d stop interfering with our chemical poisons) can only truly infest, infect, etc., within a perfect host during a perfect storm in the body, then we’d not allow the big pharma-medical industry conglomeration continue to scare us into putting horrible topical and internal poisons ON and IN our beloved pets while believing that they are being protected from these pests. All I can say is – take off those gloves if you believe these pesticides (which is what they are -and so is the internally given pill) are so safe they can be applied to the fur and skin of our pets. Wouldn’t it stand to reason that if it is safe to put this stuff ON our pets they’d be safe to touch on our own skin also, right? Wrong on both counts. Continue reading Pest Control: Poisoning our pets through conventional “prevention” methods

Vaccines, Flea-Tick Pesticides, and Antibiotics

534px-Adult_deer_tickThis is not going to be a lengthy post in spite of the heavy duty title listing all the toxins commonly known as vaccines, flea-tick pesticides and antibiotics – what people often want to think of as medicine but are anything but that in reality.

I want to share some links I shared with a veterinarian friend of mine. He has not been in private practice for a very long time although he is still a working veterinarian. I am going to leave out the details of that because it was a private conversation and he is genuinely seeking the truth because he very much cares about animals. He wanted my input on a product that he said wasn’t used in his day in private practice. Continue reading Vaccines, Flea-Tick Pesticides, and Antibiotics

Harmful, Chemical Products Killing and Maiming Pets

001I am always saying this to clients: follow the laws of health and do NOT use these toxins on pets. They are not only killing and harming the pests and parasites they are supposed to kill, but they are also harming and even in some cases killing our pets as well!

There is a Facebook page dedicated to making sure people know what can happen to our pets if we decide to use these toxic substances on our pets, Hartz Products Are Killing Our Pets. The person who started this page sent out a horrific photo of their dog which you can see on their FB page from June 2012. Continue reading Harmful, Chemical Products Killing and Maiming Pets

Essential Oils vs Pheromone “Technology”

Tell_MeWell it just seems that the status quo can’t let well enough alone when it comes to TRYING to compete with natural healing modalities and remedies. These synthetic imitations will never, can never compete with the REAL thing – but they sure do TRY. A famous sage by the name of Yoda once said, “There is no try, only do or do not” and I can assure you these synthetic pheromone “technology” products are nothing more than cheap imitations of the real thing: essential oils.

What am I going on about? Well we already know that there are perfume products, air fresheners, etc., masquerading as “authentic” aromatherapy products. Some might actually have real essential oils in the products BUT those can’t be therapeutic grade oils. Rather the essential oils in these products are adulterated, chemically grown, synthetically altered all of which can cause harm to the body rather than healing unlike with true, therapeutic grade oils. Most likely these ingredients are Grade B at best. Continue reading Essential Oils vs Pheromone “Technology”

Is Traditional Flea-Tick Control Your Only Option?

Sabbath_walk_05192012_2_2Spring is just around the corner; new life abounds which also means fleas and ticks. Modern pet owners seem to live in constant dread of these pesky pests that also carry disease that can effect human health as well as the health of our pets. However, what many pet owners fail to realize is the conventional way of dealing with these pests (they do have a viable purpose in nature but is a topic for another article) – either through a monthly topical application or a monthly oral dose, whether prescribed or over-the-counter (OTC) – is that these are toxic pesticides we are using on our pets. Is traditional flea and tick control your only option? No, in fact it isn’t an option at all – nature has always provided the solution. Continue reading Is Traditional Flea-Tick Control Your Only Option?

Letter from a Reader of Bark N Blog

Rainbow_promise_near_church_coyotes_first_harassment_08042012For those reading this on Aspenbloom Pet Care, Bark N Blog was my original blog. Then I set up this site, and then A Dog’s View. All are here on this blog now 🙂

After losing my sweet Great Dane boy, Meshach, on September 17th of this year at the tender age of 15 months, and previously Shadrach on April 5, 2011, I didn’t think I’d be able to bear carrying on this blog – especially since I blogged for these two precious dogs as my muse in “first dog“. With no dog to inspire me how was I to continue??? How was I to want to continue, especially since I rarely hear from readers now that there are so many great pet blogs on the internet these days – bigger, more exciting ones? Bark N Blog may be one of the oldest pet blogs around, but I admit there are some REALLY great pet blogs out there now so I don’t blame folks one bit. Continue reading Letter from a Reader of Bark N Blog

Bathing Sissy the Great Dane

Mia_bathing_SissyThis week I want to share a little bit about bathing our dogs. The dog in the photo is a SisCo Dane just like my Meshach. Her name is Reese or better known as Sissy 🙂 She is being bathed with Young Living Animal Scents Shampoo by her human, Adam and his little girl Mia – my friend Kim is the one taking the photo. Mia is applying the shampoo as you can see 🙂 – it is a very gentle and safe shampoo.

First it’s important to note that dogs don’t necessarily need to be bathed as often as we think they do. If they are naturally reared (raw fed, no vaccines, no pesticides, etc.,) then they won’t have the normal “body odor” that we’ve come to accept as “normal” in our canines when it is anything but normal though it is common. Just remember that common doesn’t equate to normal. Continue reading Bathing Sissy the Great Dane