Sit Really Does Mean SIT

Bre with one of their dogs, Midge
Bre with one of their dogs, Midge
Over the past two years I’ve had the privilege of getting to know a remarkable young woman by the name of Bre Altherr. She and her husband Chris, own and operate the North Indy Sit Means Sit franchise. When they say sit really does mean sit – it really does mean that!

While their facility is focused on training, they also have a store, grooming, boarding and nutrition consulting available – yes they are raw feeding advocates and in fact do prey model raw with their own dogs! Bre also happens to be one of our students at the American Council of Animal Naturopathy studying to be a Carnivore Nutrition Consultant – which is how I got to know her. You know some people you just hit it off with right away? Well that’s how it was with us 🙂 Continue reading Sit Really Does Mean SIT

Running Wolf

Schatzie_in_the_fields_morning_walk6I know I’ve been sharing a lot of stories of my outings with Schatzie (aka Running Wolf) lately but since King is on the injured reserve list right now (but improving DAILY I might add – so exciting to watch it all happen naturally), I am enjoying sharing my adventures with this amazing dog. It is a testament to the laws of nature and the naturopathic approach to caring for our dogs. Continue reading Running Wolf

Klaus the Rottweiler

This is such a fantastic story I just had to share it with all of you! My very good friend, Bre Altherr and her husband Chris own a boarding, grooming, training franchise facility in northern Indiana – Sit Means Sit. Bre also happens to be one of our students at the American Council of Animal Naturopathy. She takes every opportunity she can to encourage her clients to learn about and implement proper nutrition for our canine carnivore companions. This short story is about Klaus the Rottweiler. His photos say it all!

Continue reading Klaus the Rottweiler

Refocusing on Wellness for Pets: The Problem, Show #525

Refocusing on Wellness for Pets: The Problem, Show #525Join hosts, animal naturopaths Dr. Kim and Dr. Jeannie as they have another THOUGHT provoking show. This is Part One of a Three Part Series on Refocusing on Wellness for Pets. In Parts One & Two we’ll discuss the problem or challenge in helping people. In Part Three we will discuss the solutions. Continue reading Refocusing on Wellness for Pets: The Problem, Show #525

The New Raw Pet Digest

The New Raw Pet Digest with Kristin ClarkThere is a brand new digital magazine available and it is OUTSTANDING in its presentation of the principles of animal naturopathy published by our student at American Council of Animal Naturopathy, Kristin Clark!! This first issue is available free. Please share it far and wide and if you know someone who would love to advertise in it, please refer them to Kristin (see the magazine for details).

Here is a little bit about Kristin: Continue reading The New Raw Pet Digest

Just a little bit of deceptive advertising in pet food?

800px-Scoop_your_poopYa think? But of course they are allowed just a little deception in pet food advertising aren’t they? Allowed to embellish just a LITTLE? Ahem, well I suppose if you have deep pockets and all, you are allowed. BUT if you share natural health, and REAL food you are not allowed…not even a tiny bit, nope. AND to top it off natural health practitioners are the ones attacked and labeled as pseudo scientists. Oh what a tangled web weave. Continue reading Just a little bit of deceptive advertising in pet food?

Fulvic – Humic Acid for Immune Support in Our Pets

King_on_the_Move_12152013Just a couple of years ago I began doing some research into a supplement I had little knowledge of but was intrigued because of my Facebook friend, Nikki Brown’s, Canine Angel newsletters mentioning this supplement. I knew she was/is a raw feeder so I was very intrigued as I read her articles on why even our raw fed pets could utilize this type of supplementation.

Even though I was aware of the soil depletion due to monoculture farming as well as using a very toxic approach to pests and weeds, I wasn’t aware we had a simple solution to it all.

Supplementing with fulvic-humic acid has been something that organic farmers/ranchers have known about and utilized for quite a long time. They understand that what goes into and what is in the soil goes right up the food chain. If the soil isn’t healthy, then the plants won’t be healthy, the herbivore won’t be healthy and we and our carnivore companions won’t be healthy either. Continue reading Fulvic – Humic Acid for Immune Support in Our Pets

There is nothing new about raw food

Eating_oxtailsIt’s funny how all of a sudden many mainstream news sites are sharing the trend toward raw feeding of pets – dogs & cats that is. BUT they always have to show how many veterinarians don’t agree or how pets could get sick with salmonella or e coli, or it may be imbalanced, blah, blah, blah. Animals have ALWAYS eaten raw food! Okay so let’s examine some facts:

1. Dogs ARE carnivores. Nothing in their DNA or anatomy has changed other than our outward appearance…contrary to much popular myth floating around in the media and on the internet today.

2. I’m going to quote a friend of ours who passed away a couple of years ago (one of the good ones), (deceased veterinarian) Dr. Johan Joubert on what vets learn in school “We come in on the 4th floor. We aren’t taught the foundation up through the 3rd floor about animal health“. Which explains why they can’t see the forest for the trees. Veterinarian Dr. Patricia Jordan says “They have been assimilated into the system” about her own profession. Continue reading There is nothing new about raw food