Newsletters and Videos

Photo by YL Independent Distributor, Lynn Hamlett, ID#2125968

This page includes links to videos I’ve done on my own life journey in using Young Living Essential Oils using primarily Periscope. And newsletters I write for my own Young Living members. Each is order of newest to oldest:


My Personal Wellness Journey:
Be Well – an allegory
Wellness Journey Initiated by Neo Mastiff
Let’s Chat About Wellness, Purpose and Abundance

Oily Symphony Overview
Oily Symphony: Class 1 Pitch – What Are Vibrational Frequencies?
Oily Symphony: Class 2 Chords & Consonance – Why Ought We Care?
Oily Symphony: Class 3 Dissonance – The effects From INSIDE of Us That Affect Our Frequencies
Oily Symphony: Class 4 Dissonance – The effects From OUTSIDE of Us That Affect Our Frequencies
Emotions in Motion: 14 Oily Steps to Get Your Vibes Aligned

Personal Use:
Story of the “Lost Glasses”
A New Start
Toxic Skies – How We Support Our Bodies
Smoothie Adventure
A Funky Situation
Under the AromaDome
Essential Oils with Animals
Well Adjusted

Public Adventures:
Renewing Our Minds
Joyful Celebration
Anniversary Dinner at M’Tuccis

Generating an Income:
MLM is a Pyramid? Really?


Joy Comes in the Morning
Scent-Able Canine
Living Life
Resolve to Be Well
Oily Symphony
Gift of Wellness
Attitude of Gratitude
Let’s Be Frank
Diffusing the Situation
What Is Your Why?
Frequencies, Wellness, Vibrations