Online Essential Oils Courses

Both of the following courses are free…


Come along on a reBARKable and SCENTS-able journey through the nose of a VERY special dog named Shadrach to learn about using essential oils with dogs in Shadrach’s new course – ReBARKably SCENT-Abled Canine.

Topics include:
1) Scents-Abled Canine
2) The Nose Knows
3) Get the Funk Out My Muzzle!
4) Raindrops for Dogs!
5) Scents-Abled Wellness for Dogs

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Please join us for a journey into sound, vibrations, frequencies, music, melodies – harmonic wellness through the use of essential oils in this online essential oils course – Oily Symphony.

We are excited to share some very exciting facts about essential oils – how and why they work.


In this course we will present how our good or poor health is determined by whether or not our bodies are vibrating at a balanced and high enough electromagnetic vibrational frequency. We’ll also present how to maintain good vibrations through the use of essential oils* and a whole health lifestyle.

Topics include:

1) Pitch: What Are Vibrational Frequencies?
2) Chords and Consonance: Why Ought We Care?
3) Dissonance: The Effects from INSIDE of Us That Affect Our Frequencies
4) Dissonance: The Effects from OUTSIDE of Us That Affect Our Frequencies
5) Chorus: Vibrational Wellness
6) Instrumentation: Why Young Living?
7) Tempo: How Do You Keep The Music Playing?

Both courses were created and presented by Kim Bloomer (ND, VND), naturopath, essential oil educator, Independent Young Living Distributor

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