Customer-Client Comments

This photo is of Oscar – a happy client’s dog 🙂 used with permission

Like all the testimonials on this site, the client comments on this page were provided to me unsolicited, without compensation, incentives or rewards.

“Just a quick thank you Kim for all the advice you have given me. Even though I still have reservations/little scares now and then that the furkids are no longer on Heartworm/flea treatments or Vaccinations. I have still stuck with your advice and only RAW. So far no more issues with Pancreatitis and they have NOT had ONE FLEA since. I am totally amazed about that. Huge improvement…I still feel I am learning, but do seek more natural ways for treatments now. Thank you for putting me onto this new path. I just wanted to thank you, xoxo.” ~Debbie D

I want give a huge shout out to Dr. Kim Bloomer. Riley is chemical and flea free! Without your help this would not have been possible! We are in Lexington, KY right now and it is usually a struggle to keep animals flea free – NOT THIS YEAR!!!T hank you from the bottom of our hearts! About a month later Maria sent this to me: I again want to thank you for your help! Riley is the healthiest he’s been in a year. We are now in Florida and NO itching what so ever.”Allergies” are now a non issue. We are sooooo happy!!! Just know that you are truly appreciated. If it wasn’t for your knowledge life would be very different for Riley and me. He would surely be on some nasty slippery chemical downhill slope. You introduced me to a whole new way of looking at things….I’ve gone the no pesticide route thanks to you and never looked back. My dog is the healthiest he’s ever been and fleas are no longer an issue 🙂 Your hard work should never be taken for granted. ~Maria Nordstrom, FL

Wow this is brilliant. I’m still making my way through the consultation but I am so excited to have met Doris in order to have met you. I have been trying to find an alternative to the traditional vet for years now and have never been comfy with vaccinating or any of the tests they routinely recommend. I am so excited to help my little fur babies:)…a month after the consult this client said “My cats are like jungle cats now that they are on raw. It grosses me out big time as I haven’t touched meat in almost 20 years but they love it. And their litter box doesn’t smell anymore. Crazy!” ~Jamie Holmes

…He is doing great! He went from acting like a 100 year old and is now acting like a 2 yr old and bossing me around. ~Doris Pareno – she said about her 13 year old Dachshund. She referred the above client to me

Hi Dr. Kim, I was in a random search on the web for help with Callie Rose’s problems (my Lab) and your website came up. I signed up for your news letter and read it for many months. That’s when finally I contacted you for help and indeed you delivered. Thank you! I appreciate your hard work. ~Michelle L Thomison

Love your website, love your articles, and I SO appreciate everything that you do for pets and their owners. I am entering Animal Sciences (college) and YOU are my role model!~Emily Bullard

Hi Dr. Kim ~ I received “Animals Taught Me That” today. Your other book (Whole Health for Happy Dogs) was FANTASTIC. I zoomed through it, and it’s a GREAT reference book. Now I’m ready and curious to read about how you came to be such an animal lover and advocate. Again, “thank you” for all you do. ~Susan Eslick Kevorkian

We can’t tell you what an important part you are playing in our lives! I know we are as you say at, “the last resort”, but knowing now what we know thanks to you, we will continue the journey however long it may last. God Bless You Dr. Kim! As I said originally, you are our salvation! We want to help you and others in any way we can to avoid the torment we are going through because a little knowledge can make the world of difference in the lives of our beloved pets as well as ourselves. Our heartfelt love, Paula, Bob, & Snookie Woods This is a PDF of all of the blog posts with Snookie’s Journey

Hi Dr. Kim, thank you so much for your emails and the consultation for Bella – WOW! You have such a way about what you do, it’s so uplifting. Thank you! …Thankfully from your consultation and articles, I am no longer making decisions for Bella based on fear. Well, I wish all animal health caregivers, naturopaths and veterinarians were like you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help with Bella (and for what you are doing for animals and their caregivers).Kind regards, Steve Rosten

Dr. Kim, Thank you so very much. Your knowledge & support mean the world to me! ~Holly & Chamois

Dr. Kim! I have the happy task of writing to tell you the lump on Eoin’s lip is 100% gone… vanished… not even a trace!!! We can’t thank you enough for all your help and support! We are still giving him the Zeolife, and Greer, too. They had some red in the corner of their eyes, so we figured it wouldn’t hurt to continue it one time per day for a little while. Hugs N’ Kisses, ~Tom, Krystal & Eoin

Good morning, I read your book Whole Health for Happy Dogs and loved it. My husband and I have been feeding our 2 dogs the raw food diet since the beginning and gave them vitamins too, but had no idea about all the other avenues of treatment indicated in your book. I also took a look at your website for the pups, and found loads more info (Thank you). I was very happy to see some info on flea and tick prevention using the oils, because I was wondering out of all the oils listed in the book which I would try on them first, hoping my first shot at it would be effective. Thank you and I hope you have a great day! ~Michelle Kogoma

After Dr. Kim’s first appearance on Family Life Radio’s morning show with Dan Rosecrans, here is the feedback she received from the host:

Dr. Kim, the pleasure was all mine. We continued to get response on your portion of the show all morning here at the station! Wow! I knew people loved their pets….now they love you, too! People were saying, “she makes so much sense“!

Thank you for sharing so much of your self with Baylor and myself! I know you have to be so busy but your willingness to share your knowledge, kindness, and guidance have touched us deeply. ~Angela & Baylor

Hi Dr. Kim, Good news for once! Dylan had his check up with the cardiologist today and two of his conditions show slight improvement (infundibular stenosis and hypertophic obstructive cardiomyopathy). He still has a lot going on but I will take any good news! I want to thank you again for all your help and advice. It has helped so so much! You have helped me so much and I am sure so many others so much too!~Rebecca Roebuck

Dr. Kim, what a wonderful resource your website is!… hope your clients realize how lucky they are to have you! ~Casey Lomonaco, KPA CTP, APDT Rewarding Behaviors Dog Training

Thank you for the advise and your website that taught me how to raw feed Diesel…it’s great and he is doing and looks great! Your suggestions on how to help him overcome kennel cough naturally worked

Thank you sooo much Kim, and Daisy thanks you too. I wish I had known about your web site sooner. I could have spared my pet friend a lot of discomfort. I always want to the best for the cats, but no one I’ve seen through the years has mentioned any other diet but the canned stuff and dry kibble. I sincerely thank you and am anxious to start reading the information. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks again for the information and speedy response. Have a “tail waggin’ day” yourself (that’s so cute). ~Christa

Thanks for all that you do, and for your love of these incredible creatures! Keep up the great work! ~Chris Vernetti

I loved reading your book. I could not put it down. I still browse it. I carry it from work to home and vise versa…You are an amazing writer!!!! I sell your books a lot. ~Fabienne Lawrence

Hi Dr. Kim, I received your book, Whole Health for Happy Dogs, yesterday and already I am finding lots of wonderful information and resources. ~Keryl Ashbach Balsam Path

I have read your book, Whole Health for Happy Dogs, and I love it!! Your book has been a wonderful reference for me to care for my pet in a natural, balanced, and holistic manner. Thanks again! ~Hadas Ranon

This is the book, Whole Health for Happy Dogs, that every pet owner should have. This book is well written and easy to read and understand. It opens up a world of natural pet care not only for dogs but for other pets as well. Let’s take that statement further. The book also gets you thinking about your own health and what you can do to improve it naturally. Once you start reading Whole Health, it is hard to put the book down. It is packed with useful information on treating various ailments and also discusses the problems our pets face in a world filled with man made chemicals and toxins. “Whole Health” is appropriately titled because this book looks at the “whole picture” and brings to light everything in the house, yard, environment and food that effects a dogs health. There are so many things to consider that we do on a day to day basis. Did you ever think of what that floor cleaner is doing to your dog when he licks a crumb off the floor or walks across it with wet paws? Natural pet care is more than what your dog eats. The authors take it a step further by offering additional resources for expanding your knowledge to give your pets the healthiest life that you can. This is a book that I will enjoy reading again and referring to many times. My two dogs are moving around better and I can tell they are feeling better and happier. Thank you Kim and Jill for your passion and dedication to providing better lives for our furry companions. ~Laurie Weber

I loved your book, Whole Health for Happy Dogs. A few things that I particularly liked were the discussions on dogs shedding all year long and the health impact of an underbite like in bulldogs. I found the book to be very user friendly and it talked at a level that the average pet owner could relate to.
~Kelly Bolken, CPDT

I proudly place this book, Whole Health for Happy Dogs, in my library within easy reach, as I will be referring to it often. Copies of this milestone book will soon be given as gifts to my family, friends, co-workers, and my vet. Such wonderful information should be shared with everyone who has a dog or is even just thinking about getting a dog. Perhaps the most interesting chapter to me is the one about diet. It makes perfect sense to feed a species appropriate diet, yet so many people are clueless and continue to feed their dogs garbage that’s not fit to dump in a compost pile. Fantastic work Dr. Elliot and Kim Bloomer! Your book is truly exceptional! ~Sharon D. Stewart

This book, Whole Health for Happy Dogs, should be a requirement for all dog owners. It is what every new dog owner needs and what people that have had dogs for a long time should have. It is easy to read and understand. It covers feeding and many preventative health care tips. It is not only very informative but a very attractive book with many color pictures. A must have. ~Edith Chupp

I purchased this book, Whole Health for Happy Dogs, immediately after picking up our new puppy. This book is far MORE than a handbook – I read this book cover to cover the day I received it. It’s an easy read, truly full of information on how to naturally care for your dog. The book answered every question I had, as well as provided me with ideas that I wouldn’t have ever thought of (and has great pictures, too!) I can confidently say, as a result of reading this book, our puppy will lead a happy and healthy life. ~Donna Toothaker

Hi Dr. Kim, I want to personally thank you for being there to help. I also want to tell you how much I appreciate your words of encouragement with respect to learning how to give natural care to our furry kids. Thank you for making this such a wonderful educational experience. ~Anita & Toby-wan Kenobi

That totally makes sense that people are most interested in pet nutrition and how that affects everything else–it seems like the most basic part, so fundamental, and with all the focus on nutrition in general these days, it’d be hard to figure out what *else* to do before getting the nutrition squared away. I really like how you use that as the foundation and then build out from there–it makes the whole process seem so much more approachable and doable. All my best, Jes, Design Doodles

Dr. Kim Bloomer is, hands down, the most knowledgeable natural pet care educator I know. She truly cares about animals, wanting the very best for all animals, and is deeply committed to naturally caring for all animals to prevent problems. It’s obvious that Kim spends time researching natural pet care in order to offer the most up to date and accurate natural pet care information available. Dr. Kim has a way of explaining natural pet care that is down to earth while still extremely information packed, making natural care a manageable task for any animal caretaker. I can’t think of any other person that I would want advising me on the care of my precious pets.Dee Kreidel

Dr. Kim’s gentle approach and straightforward instructions made the process both simple and easy – in my experience, natural health can be kind of intimidating, and with Kim there was nothing intimidating about the process whatsoever. She keeps her eyes on the goal, but never makes you feel rushed or overwhelmed. Jessica Albon, writer and business owner

When Dr. Kim Bloomer coined the term “pet educator” for what she does, she was right on the money. Learning natural pet care from Kim is like learning how to bake chocolate chip cookies from your mom. Her love of animals and her desire to see every pet owner enjoy sharing their lives with a happy, healthy pet shines in every sentence!Paige Eissenger, radio show host of Views from the Coop and business owner

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