Aromatherapy, Flower Essences, Massage & Other Natural Modalities


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Young Living Essential Oils
Therapeutic grade essential oils for the wellbeing of your pets. While essential oils are neither food nor medicine, they sometimes act as if they were! They are, in a word, mysterious. They are the agents for healing our minds, bodies and spirits.

Mountain Rose Herbs providing natural healing in nature for you and your pets.

Companion Chi…Animal Massage and Energetic Healing with Susan King, HTACP, Animal Healing Facilitator

Escape the Planet Urine – Do You Want to Stop a Pet from Peeing? Discuss pet urination problems with an Animal Behavioral Specialist. Get FREE expert help with pet urination problems!

Does Your Dog Have Dry Skin? We have a great dog dry skin remedy — from Dr. Rose’s Remedies.

Photo: Shadrach the Neo Mastiff by Dr. Kim Bloomer & Sonja Redman.