Bathing Sissy the Great Dane

Mia_bathing_SissyThis week I want to share a little bit about bathing our dogs. The dog in the photo is a SisCo Dane just like my Meshach. Her name is Reese or better known as Sissy 🙂 She is being bathed with Young Living Animal Scents Shampoo by her human, Adam and his little girl Mia – my friend Kim is the one taking the photo. Mia is applying the shampoo as you can see 🙂 – it is a very gentle and safe shampoo.

First it’s important to note that dogs don’t necessarily need to be bathed as often as we think they do. If they are naturally reared (raw fed, no vaccines, no pesticides, etc.,) then they won’t have the normal “body odor” that we’ve come to accept as “normal” in our canines when it is anything but normal though it is common. Just remember that common doesn’t equate to normal. Continue reading Bathing Sissy the Great Dane