A Letter from Duffy the Wheaten Terrier’s Owner Lynn to ATN

Here is a wonderful letter we recently received to a listener who has listening to our podcast for over two years, and how it has helped her with her dog Duffy a Wheaten Terrier: Hi Dr. Kim, Here is the story of how I switched from feeding dry dog food to raw. I've heard you... Continue Reading →

What Do Animal Naturopaths Do?

by Kim Bloomer, VND Lately I've gotten a lot comments or questions about helping animals naturally which is of course what I do! But most people seem to think, because of the title "veterinary" naturopath that I am a veterinarian. But I am not. You know how you have an MD as your conventional doctor... Continue Reading →

Pet Vaccines and Cognitive Dissonance

by Dr. Kim Bloomer Recently in a forum setting my colleague, Dr. Jeannie Thomason and I, witnessed an interesting dialogue by veterinarians. One stated that she does not vaccinate her children but was determined that our dogs and cats should be "minimally" vaccinated to "protect" them from the most serious diseases of parvo and distemper.... Continue Reading →

New Book Teaches Life Lessons for People Through Animals

for immediate release Animal naturopath authors new book to show how people can learn important life lessons through animals Rio Rancho, NM: December 15, 2009 Animal naturopath, Dr. Kim Bloomer's latest book, Animals Taught Me That, was recently released through Crossbooks Publishing. This book is an encouraging memoir and detailed account of how Dr. Bloomer... Continue Reading →

Dr. Kim Bloomer was interviewed on the Puppy Dog Place

My dog Shadrach and I were fortunate to have been asked to participate in an online interview with Sue at the Puppy Dog Place which is a website that is a fun and informative guide to raising happy, healthy puppies. Sue asked some pretty comprehensive and tough questions. We hope you enjoy the interview and... Continue Reading →

My Hero Dog

by Dr. Kim Bloomer My dog's name is Shadrach. Shadrach the Neo Mastiff. Nearly nine years ago, in December of 1999, Shadrach came home to live with us. But the circumstances surrounding his coming to live with us were very sad. Our family had lost one of my most favorite cousins - a young mother... Continue Reading →

A Girl and Her Dog…our essential oils story

by Dr. Kim Bloomer Most of my most poignant personal stories always seem to include a dog, always me and a dog. This is my Young Living Essential Oils story and I hope it will encourage others to look beyond traditional confines and care and look into total health for you and your pets. For... Continue Reading →

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