Natural Immunity Not Vaccines

Afterzoomie_08042012Our latest show on Animal Talk Naturally was with Aleksandra Mikic, DMH, DVH, DPh author of Immune Doggy. Link to audio: Natural Immunity – Show #429

She really DIGS in and shares what we are doing to our animals – basically annihilating their species through the continued and hubric as well as ignorant use of vaccines. I say ignorant because it shows a blatant disregard for how the immune system works as well as convincing through continued media and medical propaganda that vaccines protect – as if the innate immune system designed by God just isn’t good enough without human intervention.

As Aleks states on the show, people are taught to memorize the dots not how to connect them. After going through what we went through with our sweet Meshach, I am more than ever dedicated to sharing and educating on why natural rearing is the ONLY hope we have of saving our domestic animals. And more than ever I know why Meshach suffered as he did – and it does not have to be so if we’ll just start now naturally rearing ALL of our animals while supporting those who are natural rearing breeders. Meshach was only first generation naturally reared. It will take several generations of our animals being naturally reared to clear their lines of the damage, but we MUST, without delay, start somewhere.

I also believe Meshach would not have survived the first vaccine had he been given one. My husband and I were therefore privileged to have him as long as we did. However, I want to see the end to this sort of tragedy and that can only happen if ALL of them are naturally reared and that must begin BEFORE conception in order to see truly healthy animals.

Here is my Farewell Tribute video to Meshach – his and all the other lives must not be in vain, so we can’t continue to allow fear to dictate our actions any longer at the expense and demise of our animals. You might argue many things about why Meshach’s life was so short, etc., but I know the truth and that is what has liberated me – my mind and actions and to follow God’s laws of health and not man’s mandates if they in any way, shape or form violate God’s laws:

Photo Attribution: Meshach the Great Dane by Dr. Kim Bloomer, Copyright 2012, All Rights Reserved
Have a pawsitively, tail waggin’, naturopathically healthy day!

Still just a buppy…

A_Great_Discovery2_2This post is written in “first dog” by Meshach the Great Dane Puppy:

Even though I’m really big now, I’m still just a buppy (translation: BIG puppy!) – 10 1/2 months old in fact.

My humans think I’m VERY wise for my age. But things I do can make everyone laugh knowing I’m still just a buppy…not all the way grown up YET. For example today I was out for my playtime with my neighbor Labrador buddies Charlie and Zeus – our Moms are friends too of course. At the end of our playtime we saw another neighbor was outside working on his truck so we went to say hello. He revealed to my Mom and her friend that whenever they walk by our fence to say hello to me I bark and bark, but then I run back into the upper yard to safety on my chair or couch…hehe. That was a little embarrassing but I am still just a buppy. Continue reading Still just a buppy…

Some thoughts on natural healing

must_get_frisbee_2This post is written in “first dog” by Meshach the Great Dane puppy.

Recently (a month ago) I hurt my right foreleg (wrist). I was out with my buddies Dalia (Dane) and Dawson (Corgi-Cattle dog mix) for our weekly long walk. Well, I always get so excited to run and play with Dalia and I tried to tackle her, but she dodged me and I fell right on my wrist with my paw tucked under. OUCH! I cried with that one.

It really scared Mom. She and Dalia’s Mom thought at first I’d broken it but Mom prodded, poked and manipulated it all about and it all of a sudden felt better. That meant we continued on with our walk, run, play, WOOF! Continue reading Some thoughts on natural healing

The Nature of a Breed

006Every breed has it’s purpose
┬ęby Kim Bloomer, VND

So many dogs end up in shelters for the simple fact that the owner didn’t understand the breed they brought home

I was talking with a friend today about specific breed natures. I felt I no longer had wonderful Golden Retrievers and was handed a Neapolitan Mastiff because I personally had to learn something about my own nature – actually he is such a blessing and a gift I’d have it no other way. Neos are a rather stubborn breed while Goldens are typically obedient and sweet. I know that sounds so philosophical and it is in a way. For me it’s deeper and more spiritual than that but I won’t go there in this short blog post.

More to my point my Golden Retrievers were always two things: Continue reading The Nature of a Breed

A Girl and Her Dog…our essential oils story

Kim_and_Shad_062010_5_2by Dr. Kim Bloomer

Most of my most poignant personal stories always seem to include a dog, always me and a dog. This is my Young Living Essential Oils story and I hope it will encourage others to look beyond traditional confines and care and look into total health for you and your pets. For the record, I’ve tried a lot of different nutritionals and natural health modalities, but it has been Young Living that has made the real difference in my health and that of my dog – oh yes and my husband’s too! Continue reading A Girl and Her Dog…our essential oils story