Natural Immunity Not Vaccines

Our latest show on Animal Talk Naturally was with Aleksandra Mikic, DMH, DVH, DPh author of Immune Doggy. Link to audio: Natural Immunity - Show #429 She really DIGS in and shares what we are doing to our animals - basically annihilating their species through the continued and hubric as well as ignorant use of... Continue Reading →

Still just a buppy…

This post is written in "first dog" by Meshach the Great Dane Puppy: Even though I'm really big now, I'm still just a buppy (translation: BIG puppy!) - 10 1/2 months old in fact. My humans think I'm VERY wise for my age. But things I do can make everyone laugh knowing I'm still just... Continue Reading →

Some thoughts on natural healing

This post is written in "first dog" by Meshach the Great Dane puppy. Recently (a month ago) I hurt my right foreleg (wrist). I was out with my buddies Dalia (Dane) and Dawson (Corgi-Cattle dog mix) for our weekly long walk. Well, I always get so excited to run and play with Dalia and I... Continue Reading →

The Nature of a Breed

Every breed has it's purpose ┬ęby Kim Bloomer, VND So many dogs end up in shelters for the simple fact that the owner didn't understand the breed they brought home I was talking with a friend today about specific breed natures. I felt I no longer had wonderful Golden Retrievers and was handed a Neapolitan... Continue Reading →

A Girl and Her Dog…our essential oils story

by Dr. Kim Bloomer Most of my most poignant personal stories always seem to include a dog, always me and a dog. This is my Young Living Essential Oils story and I hope it will encourage others to look beyond traditional confines and care and look into total health for you and your pets. For... Continue Reading →

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