Quail Call Zoomies

My crazy house lol...last Thursday as I was cleaning house and listening to music I had all sorts of "thoughts" running through my head. It was a gorgeous day and so I am thinking it just put me in a lighter mood. That always helps when cleaning house. Well out of the blue I recalled... Continue Reading →

Klaus the Rottweiler

This is such a fantastic story I just had to share it with all of you! My very good friend, Bre Altherr and her husband Chris own a boarding, grooming, training franchise facility in northern Indiana - Sit Means Sit. Bre also happens to be one of our students at the American Council of Animal... Continue Reading →

Seven Months Raw Fed Schatzie

Seems like I often focus on my little American Bully, King, more than my American Dingo (aka Carolina Dog mix) Schatzie. King has been with us for nine months now and Schatzie seven months. In that seven months we have of course raw fed Schatzie. She took to it like the carnivore she is as... Continue Reading →

What’s in a Treat?

Many people have learned that dogs are indeed carnivores and want to feed their dogs a real dog's diet of raw meat, bones and organs - or at the least give them something that resembles a carnivore "snack" in the form of a jerky treat.

Walk Away from Pet Food Recalls

Over and over and over again the recalls come and yet the veterinary community along with anyone else with a vested interest in continuing this insanity will say that kibble is the only balanced diet for pets. Pet owners can walk away from the pet food recalls if they choose to take themselves out of... Continue Reading →

Vaccines, Flea-Tick Pesticides, and Antibiotics

This is not going to be a lengthy post in spite of the heavy duty toxins commonly known as vaccines, flea-tick pesticides and antibiotics - what people often want to think of as medicine but are anything but that in reality.

Harmful, Chemical Products Killing and Maiming Pets

I am always saying this to clients: follow the laws of health and do NOT use these toxins on pets. They are not only killing and harming the pests and parasites they are supposed to kill, but they are also harming and even in some cases killing our pets as well! There is a Facebook... Continue Reading →

Meet King

Meet King! He will come to live with us this coming Saturday!!! He doesn't look much like a Great Dane or Neo Mastiff does he? LOL, well that's because he obviously isn't either one. I'm going to sidetrack a bit so you will know just how VERY special this little "big" boy is!

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