Quail Call Zoomies

King_telling_itMy crazy house lol…last Thursday as I was cleaning house and listening to music I had all sorts of “thoughts” running through my head. It was a gorgeous day and so I am thinking it just put me in a lighter mood. That always helps when cleaning house. Well out of the blue I recalled to mind the calls quail make to each other although I rarely hear them do that during the winter – must be a mating call. It has a very unique sound to it and it is actually, to me anyway, quite lovely. Continue reading Quail Call Zoomies

Klaus the Rottweiler

This is such a fantastic story I just had to share it with all of you! My very good friend, Bre Altherr and her husband Chris own a boarding, grooming, training franchise facility in northern Indiana – Sit Means Sit. Bre also happens to be one of our students at the American Council of Animal Naturopathy. She takes every opportunity she can to encourage her clients to learn about and implement proper nutrition for our canine carnivore companions. This short story is about Klaus the Rottweiler. His photos say it all!

Continue reading Klaus the Rottweiler

Special on Animals Taught Me That Book

51RYRxVpx1L._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_This is a short post giving you a heads up about a special I am offering on my book Animals Taught Me That. We lost our publisher this year – they went out of business suddenly I am sad to say.

So in order to regroup, I decided to get the Kindle version of the book resisted with a new cover. While I did not revise the book to include my farewell to Shadrach my awesome Neapolitan Mastiff, my Dane Meshach, or my two current dogs Schatzie my Carolina Dog and King my American Bully, they will be included in my next book coming out in 2016. Continue reading Special on Animals Taught Me That Book

Refocusing on Wellness for Pets, Pt 3 – Show #527

Refocusing on Wellness for Pets, Part 3, Show #527Join hosts, animal naturopaths Dr. Kim and Dr. Jeannie as they have another THOUGHT provoking show. This is Part Three of a Three Part Series on Refocusing on Wellness for Pets. In Parts One & Two we discussed the problem or challenge in helping people help their pets. In this show, the conclusion of this three-part series, we discuss the simple solution. Continue reading Refocusing on Wellness for Pets, Pt 3 – Show #527

Seven Months Raw Fed Schatzie

Schatzie_posing_backyard_October2013_1Seems like I often focus on my little American Bully, King, more than my American Dingo (aka Carolina Dog mix) Schatzie. King has been with us for nine months now and Schatzie seven months. In that seven months we have of course raw fed Schatzie. She took to it like the carnivore she is as did King. I want to share before and after photos as well as differences in her health since being switched to raw.

King is just the cutest, high energy, intense little boy while Schatzie is calm, gentle, and shy – such polar opposites and yet they make the best canine pack together! King is a lot more work than Schatzie so maybe that’s why I tend to focus on him so much. Today I want to focus on my little girl for a change. Schatzie_enjoying_her_chair Continue reading Seven Months Raw Fed Schatzie

What’s in a Treat?

treats3184(1)Maybe because so many of us use treats as a way to spoil our dogs rather than for training. Or because we love to get treats ourselves so that just trickles down into our relationship with our dogs. And because we are so used to just picking up a bag or two from the store, we have become careless in reading labels for ingredients – but then some people don’t even know or care to know if the ingredients are something our dogs should have in the first place because this is a “spoil” them thing anyway, so who cares if it is healthy or not right? Continue reading What’s in a Treat?

Walk Away from Pet Food Recalls

King_eating_RMBOver and over and over again the recalls come and yet the veterinary community along with anyone else with a vested interest in continuing this insanity will say that kibble is the only balanced diet for pets. Pet owners can walk away from the pet food recalls if they choose to take themselves out of the equation and only focus on what their dog needs not what they are comfortable with or what is convenient for them. Continue reading Walk Away from Pet Food Recalls

Vaccines, Flea-Tick Pesticides, and Antibiotics

534px-Adult_deer_tickThis is not going to be a lengthy post in spite of the heavy duty title listing all the toxins commonly known as vaccines, flea-tick pesticides and antibiotics – what people often want to think of as medicine but are anything but that in reality.

I want to share some links I shared with a veterinarian friend of mine. He has not been in private practice for a very long time although he is still a working veterinarian. I am going to leave out the details of that because it was a private conversation and he is genuinely seeking the truth because he very much cares about animals. He wanted my input on a product that he said wasn’t used in his day in private practice. Continue reading Vaccines, Flea-Tick Pesticides, and Antibiotics