Stretching into Trust

American Bully dog and Carolina Dog hanging out togetherGoing into my “Animal Girl” mode in this post to share with you some beautiful insights that our dogs can show us in their unique ways if we’ll but pay attention and allow them to do just that. This time we are stretching into trust with two simple canine lessons. Continue reading Stretching into Trust

The Nature of a Breed

006Every breed has it’s purpose
┬ęby Kim Bloomer, VND

So many dogs end up in shelters for the simple fact that the owner didn’t understand the breed they brought home

I was talking with a friend today about specific breed natures. I felt I no longer had wonderful Golden Retrievers and was handed a Neapolitan Mastiff because I personally had to learn something about my own nature – actually he is such a blessing and a gift I’d have it no other way. Neos are a rather stubborn breed while Goldens are typically obedient and sweet. I know that sounds so philosophical and it is in a way. For me it’s deeper and more spiritual than that but I won’t go there in this short blog post.

More to my point my Golden Retrievers were always two things: Continue reading The Nature of a Breed