Feed Raw REAL Bones

I shared this poster the other day on our council's Facebook page and one woman astounded me with her comments - mostly because she showed a complete lack of knowledge on raw feeding. The only reason she could have stated what she did is that it was a knee-jerk reaction to continue to support the... Continue Reading →

Make Sure it Really IS a Treat

Not all dog treats are created equal. If it is truly to be a treat, then make sure it doesn't turn into a death sentence for your pet. There are some great and viable alternatives to use for training and reward that won't cause harm and in fact can be a little additional nutrition for... Continue Reading →

Doggie Treats

There is such a variety when it comes to treats for our dogs these days but make sure you are making wise choices for their overall good health These days' dogs certainly have a wide variety to choose from for their snacking pleasure. It's rather funny to me how we feel the need to contribute... Continue Reading →

Happy Halloween for Dogs?

Halloween may be fun for humans but it isn't always for our dogs Think of it this way, all these weird, small people coming and ringing doorbells all over the neighborhood can't seem normal to a dog. In fact, I'd venture to say that most dogs would be downright confused, nervous, wary and possibly even... Continue Reading →

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