Running Wolf

Schatzie_in_the_fields_morning_walk6I know I’ve been sharing a lot of stories of my outings with Schatzie (aka Running Wolf) lately but since King is on the injured reserve list right now (but improving DAILY I might add – so exciting to watch it all happen naturally), I am enjoying sharing my adventures with this amazing dog. It is a testament to the laws of nature and the naturopathic approach to caring for our dogs. Continue reading Running Wolf

Klaus the Rottweiler

This is such a fantastic story I just had to share it with all of you! My very good friend, Bre Altherr and her husband Chris own a boarding, grooming, training franchise facility in northern Indiana – Sit Means Sit. Bre also happens to be one of our students at the American Council of Animal Naturopathy. She takes every opportunity she can to encourage her clients to learn about and implement proper nutrition for our canine carnivore companions. This short story is about Klaus the Rottweiler. His photos say it all!

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Nature’s Symphony

The following audio is focused on a show we did on our podcast Animal Talk Naturally and applicable to the Oily Symphony class for which this audio has been made available.
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Special on Animals Taught Me That Book

51RYRxVpx1L._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_This is a short post giving you a heads up about a special I am offering on my book Animals Taught Me That. We lost our publisher this year – they went out of business suddenly I am sad to say.

So in order to regroup, I decided to get the Kindle version of the book resisted with a new cover. While I did not revise the book to include my farewell to Shadrach my awesome Neapolitan Mastiff, my Dane Meshach, or my two current dogs Schatzie my Carolina Dog and King my American Bully, they will be included in my next book coming out in 2016. Continue reading Special on Animals Taught Me That Book

Refocusing on Wellness for Pets, Pt 3 – Show #527

Refocusing on Wellness for Pets, Part 3, Show #527Join hosts, animal naturopaths Dr. Kim and Dr. Jeannie as they have another THOUGHT provoking show. This is Part Three of a Three Part Series on Refocusing on Wellness for Pets. In Parts One & Two we discussed the problem or challenge in helping people help their pets. In this show, the conclusion of this three-part series, we discuss the simple solution. Continue reading Refocusing on Wellness for Pets, Pt 3 – Show #527

There is nothing new about raw food

Eating_oxtailsIt’s funny how all of a sudden many mainstream news sites are sharing the trend toward raw feeding of pets – dogs & cats that is. BUT they always have to show how many veterinarians don’t agree or how pets could get sick with salmonella or e coli, or it may be imbalanced, blah, blah, blah. Animals have ALWAYS eaten raw food! Okay so let’s examine some facts:

1. Dogs ARE carnivores. Nothing in their DNA or anatomy has changed other than our outward appearance…contrary to much popular myth floating around in the media and on the internet today.

2. I’m going to quote a friend of ours who passed away a couple of years ago (one of the good ones), (deceased veterinarian) Dr. Johan Joubert on what vets learn in school “We come in on the 4th floor. We aren’t taught the foundation up through the 3rd floor about animal health“. Which explains why they can’t see the forest for the trees. Veterinarian Dr. Patricia Jordan says “They have been assimilated into the system” about her own profession. Continue reading There is nothing new about raw food

Vaccines Can’t Immunize

After_zoomie_foamThe very thought that this toxic, unnatural substance we all seem to blindly allow to be injected into our bodies and that of our animals being something that can immunize us is absolutely absurd. The idea behind vaccines might have been a noble one but a rather naive and ignorant idea at best.

Did you know there is no such thing as a safe vaccine? No in fact, that is what these scientists supposedly are still trying to do – make vaccines safe and even effective. Nope they aren’t effective either. In fact, they just set the body up for auto-immune disorders because they do the exact opposite of what they were intended to do. Continue reading Vaccines Can’t Immunize

Feed Raw REAL Bones

rawhidebonesI shared this poster the other day on our council’s Facebook page and one woman astounded me with her comments – mostly because she showed a complete lack of knowledge on raw feeding. The only reason she could have stated what she did is that it was a knee-jerk reaction to continue to support the ease and comfort of feeding “clean, neat” rawhide bones to her dogs. (Click on the photo so you can enlarge and read it all). Continue reading Feed Raw REAL Bones