How Dogs Enrich Our Lives

There are SO many ways dogs can and do benefit us so I wanted to share several articles with you on what science has discovered in some of those ways, besides the obvious one of companionship although companionship would be THE most beneficial of course! But they help our health as well. In addition, there... Continue Reading →

Vaccines Can’t Immunize

The very thought that this toxic, unnatural substance we all seem to blindly allow to be injected into our bodies and that of our animals being something that can immunize us is absolutely absurd. The idea behind vaccines might have been a noble one but a rather naive and ignorant idea at best. Did you... Continue Reading →

Feed Raw REAL Bones

I shared this poster the other day on our council's Facebook page and one woman astounded me with her comments - mostly because she showed a complete lack of knowledge on raw feeding. The only reason she could have stated what she did is that it was a knee-jerk reaction to continue to support the... Continue Reading →

The Pet Food Stupidest ACTS Award

The Truth About Pet Food run by Susan Thixton has an annual contest to vote for the stupidest act in pet food. To quote Susan "Each year major acts of stupidity occur in pet food, however when the votes were tallied, the FDA has always managed to acquire more of your votes. Will the FDA... Continue Reading →

It’s STILL Processed Junk Food!

Often I will hear people say, "But I feed my dogs/cats a 'holistic' pet food". Folks, NOTHING that comes in a bag or can for people or pets is anything but processed junk food. That also shows me that the word "holistic" is being used completely out of context with little to no understanding of... Continue Reading →

Make Sure it Really IS a Treat

Not all dog treats are created equal. If it is truly to be a treat, then make sure it doesn't turn into a death sentence for your pet. There are some great and viable alternatives to use for training and reward that won't cause harm and in fact can be a little additional nutrition for... Continue Reading →

REAL Raw Food

There is a debate going on in the veterinary community about a new process to ensure that raw food for our carnivore pets is safe. Hahaha, that is funny. Are raw meat, bones and organs safe for a CARNIVORE pet? Hahaha, that is REALLY funny...but this is not a joke. The thing is why are... Continue Reading →


You'll probably get tired of me going on and on about this subject but I will not stop until a LOT more pet owners have taken the red pill and woken up out of the Matrix of lies woven to the detriment and ultimately the utter destruction of all species of domestic pets. That is... Continue Reading →

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