Harmful, Chemical Products Killing and Maiming Pets

001I am always saying this to clients: follow the laws of health and do NOT use these toxins on pets. They are not only killing and harming the pests and parasites they are supposed to kill, but they are also harming and even in some cases killing our pets as well!

There is a Facebook page dedicated to making sure people know what can happen to our pets if we decide to use these toxic substances on our pets, Hartz Products Are Killing Our Pets. The person who started this page sent out a horrific photo of their dog which you can see on their FB page from June 2012. Continue reading Harmful, Chemical Products Killing and Maiming Pets

King and I

Posing_for_MomWell the King has arrived! His first day was probably too much for him but he handled it like the champ he is. As soon as I took him down to the lower yard which we always refer to as “the valley“, the neighbors noticed the new dog. We have horse fencing around the valley so it is easy for all the dogs in the neighborhood and neighbors to notice “new” things. Continue reading King and I

Meet King

Feb17_2013_2Meet King! He will come to live with us this coming Saturday!!! He doesn’t look much like a Great Dane or Neo Mastiff does he? LOL, well that’s because he obviously isn’t either one. I’m going to sidetrack a bit so you will know just how VERY special this little “big” boy is!

I know I said that the Great Dane is my breed of choice…and it still is and I believe always will be. However, I have something interesting to share with you about King. It is a story of healing and God’s amazing provision.

This story is about love. Continue reading Meet King