In the Mist Came Clarity

Our weather in NM for the last few days has been VERY wintery but I've experienced such blessings and clarity in the mist of the fog and snow. It has felt like Schatzie and I were the only souls about each morning. The first foggy morning, she snuck up on a flock of quail in... Continue Reading →

How Dogs Enrich Our Lives

There are SO many ways dogs can and do benefit us so I wanted to share several articles with you on what science has discovered in some of those ways, besides the obvious one of companionship although companionship would be THE most beneficial of course! But they help our health as well. In addition, there... Continue Reading →

There is nothing new about raw food

It's funny how all of a sudden many mainstream news sites are sharing the trend toward raw feeding of pets - dogs & cats that is. BUT they always have to show how many veterinarians don't agree or how pets could get sick with salmonella or e coli, or it may be imbalanced, blah, blah,... Continue Reading →

Oscar, the Wheaten Terrier, Survives and Thrives

About a year and half ago I consulted with a woman in Beijing, China for her then ailing Wheaten Terrier, named Oscar. She had come as a referral to me by Jesse at Jesse helped Connie, Oscar's owner with supplements and he introduced her to the raw diet. For further guidance, he referred Connie... Continue Reading →

Over Vaccination IS the problem (Part Two)

My friend had done her research, not only on raw feeding and vaccination but also on the breeder she had the dog from. It turns out that three or four other dogs from the same dam and different litters had succumbed to the same fate. This suggests a genetic predisposition to the problem and as we all know, if the dog had been vaccinated annually and fed McKibble then it probably wouldn’t have lived this long.

Vaccines Can’t Immunize

The very thought that this toxic, unnatural substance we all seem to blindly allow to be injected into our bodies and that of our animals being something that can immunize us is absolutely absurd. The idea behind vaccines might have been a noble one but a rather naive and ignorant idea at best. Did you... Continue Reading →

Feed Raw REAL Bones

I shared this poster the other day on our council's Facebook page and one woman astounded me with her comments - mostly because she showed a complete lack of knowledge on raw feeding. The only reason she could have stated what she did is that it was a knee-jerk reaction to continue to support the... Continue Reading →

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