The Heartworm Scare

The heartworm scare - we've all been there because they are scary. It is scary to know they can kill our dogs. Years ago when I worked in veterinary medicine as a tech, I saw many dogs have to be treated for heartworm which was rather awful as we used arsenic to kill the heartworms... Continue Reading →

Pest Control: Poisoning our pets through conventional “prevention” methods

Conventional pest control is a common practice among pet owners these days. After all, we've been taught to be afraid, be very afraid of the wicked diseases and pestilence they bring. Yes, I know about Lyme's disease among other things and I am not discounting that but we have been looking at this all wrong... Continue Reading →

Synthetic Fragrances or Essential Oils?

When you wear perfume or cologne, do you ever think about what it is made from or with? I bet most men and women don't think about that, they just like the fragrance and want to smell good; alluring! The more I have learned about what goes into them and what they do to the... Continue Reading →

Removing Heavy Metals

Due to all the toxic pesticides, vaccines, paints, and the multitude of other chemicals used today, most likely every person and animal has heavy metals in them. These heavy metals are often the cause of diseases or create the environment within the body to be what is diagnosed as a "dis-ease". It's not something most... Continue Reading →

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