Worthy of the Truth

While this is a "mixed bag" (at least it's not a bag of kibble!) blog post, I felt it needed to be so the message would be REALLY heard because it is about how worthy of the truth are our dogs. Let me start out with my short and goofy "Weird Animal Girl"scenario first because... Continue Reading →

Vaccines: One Is Too Many

Recently a new vaccine protocol appeared on the horizon from a well known veterinarian and vaccine researcher. Most in natural animal health believe that the only good vaccine is the one not given (as I believe based on reason, truth and facts). However, many of those same people will support these minimum vaccine protocols because... Continue Reading →

Meshach: Gone A Year Ago Today But Never Forgotten

A year ago today my heart shattered into pieces as I we had to put to sleep our sweet, young Great Dane boy we named Meshach (aka Zona SisCos Through the Fire). After all we did to help him, it just wasn't enough.

Natural Immunity Not Vaccines

I was on a friend's Facebook timeline on Friday reading an article she had posted about the CDC knowing that cancer virus has been put into vaccines but has lied to the public about it. I knew that, but one woman posted that there was no way that the CDC would do this and that it was because of vaccines polio had been eradicated. First of all, yes they would lie to us and have repeatedly. Secondly, polio has not been eradicated it is just called by different names now.

Vaccines, Flea-Tick Pesticides, and Antibiotics

This is not going to be a lengthy post in spite of the heavy duty toxins commonly known as vaccines, flea-tick pesticides and antibiotics - what people often want to think of as medicine but are anything but that in reality.

Parasites, Obesity and Paw Chewing

To clarify before I share my own approach to handling three of the most common ailments I hear about – parasites, obesity and paw chewing – I am a certified animal naturopath. I help my clients learn how to care for their dogs through the laws of health (naturopathic principles) with the foundation on nutrition.... Continue Reading →

Over Vaccination IS the problem (Part Two)

My friend had done her research, not only on raw feeding and vaccination but also on the breeder she had the dog from. It turns out that three or four other dogs from the same dam and different litters had succumbed to the same fate. This suggests a genetic predisposition to the problem and as we all know, if the dog had been vaccinated annually and fed McKibble then it probably wouldn’t have lived this long.

Vaccines Can’t Immunize

The very thought that this toxic, unnatural substance we all seem to blindly allow to be injected into our bodies and that of our animals being something that can immunize us is absolutely absurd. The idea behind vaccines might have been a noble one but a rather naive and ignorant idea at best. Did you... Continue Reading →

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